11 Jan 2018

Alessi and Ramos-Viera clinch first major win of 2018

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ITA, Monopoli - Mikael Alessi and Antomi Ramos-Viera

MONOPOLI, ITALY: The Italian and Spanish duo Mikael Alessi and Antomi Ramos-Viera claimed victory at the first major prize money tournament of the year beating unseeded pair Marco Faccini and Gian Maria Pazzaglia in two sets.

Following the pair's success at the $15,000+H tournament in Reunion Island in December, Alessi and Ramos-Viera have continued their winning streak, getting off to a flying start in 2018. 

The $10,000 tournament, which took place in Monopoli in the South-Eastern region of Italy over 5-7 January, returned to the Tour for the third year in a row.

European Champions and current World No.1's Marco Garavini and Luca Cramarossa suffered first round elimination after going down in three sets to Teo Casadei and Matteo Marighella, perhaps proving to be the biggest shock of the tournament.

In the women's draw, the final mirrored that of the World Championships in Cervia, with Federica Bacchetta and Giulia Gasparri beating Flaminia Daina and Sofia Cimatti in a close three-set final.

Two non-prize money tournaments in Ingleheim, Germany completed week one of the 2018 ITF Beach Tennis Tour.

Players can now look forward to two mini-series' of tournaments taking place in Lithuania and Switzerland this weekend whilst the next high-prize money tournament of the Tour will be a $15,000+H in Santos, Brazil scheduled for the end of the month.