08 Jan 2018

Updated version of the TADP app now available

News Article

Tennis Anti-Doping Programme App

The latest release of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme app is now available for download. The app is targeted at players and their support personnel, but is available for everyone.

Simply download it onto Android (Google play) and Apple (App Store) devices.               

New features within the app include:

- Search the 2018 Prohibited List, Monitoring Programme and Summary of Changes to the List, to find the status of prohibited substances and methods.

- A guide to common pharmacological substance groups, which also includes examples of common prohibited and permitted medications sold worldwide.

- A feature enabling in-app completion of a Product Information Form, in which a photograph of product packaging can be inserted, to request information on the status of a product.

- Links to websites which provide information on prohibited products.

- Quarterly reports containing the latest information regarding the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme, including statistics and decisions.

- The ITF Knowledge – the anti-doping quiz that everyone involved in tennis should take to help them avoid inadvertent violations of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme.

In addition, the app features a link to the new Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Portal, which enables players and their physicians to apply online for a TUE. As all applicants will need to be verified, regardless of whether a TUE is required, players and physicians are requested to register within the portal as soon as possible, so as not to delay the processing of a future application.

There will be a significant increase in the number of samples collected under the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme in 2018, from ITF Pro Circuit events through to the Grand Slams.

All players are bound by the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme on entry to these events, and so it is important that support personnel ensure that their players are made aware of the app, and particularly the requirement to obtain a TUE if they require permission to use prohibited substances or methods, to prevent inadvertent violations of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme.

Therefore, ensure you have immediate access to all relevant anti-doping information by downloading the app today.