21 Dec 2017

Garnier champion of Reunion $15,000+H for second time

News Article

Magali Garnier (FRA) and Maraike Biglmaier (GER)

On the sunny beaches of Saint-Pierre, a small town in the South-Eastern part of the French island of Reunion, World No.15, French player Magali Garnier became Champion of the Trophée SBTC $15,000 tournament for a second year in a row.

Held over 15-17 December, the tournament welcomed a whole host of international tennis stars including 5th and 6th ranked Italian-Russian duo Tommaso Giovannini and Nikita Burmakin and Italian-Spanish pairing, Mikael Alessi and Antomi Ramos-Viera.

Garnier claimed the title with partner Maraike Biglmaier of Germany, clinching the win from the home favourites, sisters Marie-Eve and Mathilde Hoarau in the final. The sisters were not able to continue their winning streak against the French-German duo after beating the pair at the $2,500 tournament that took place in Saint-Pierre one week prior to the high-prize money tournament.

Mathilde Hoarau and Marie-Eve Hoarau (FRA)

For Garnier, the win was all the more significant having won the Trophée SBTC in 2016 with Russian partner Liudmila Nikoyan against Brazilian pairing Marcela Vita and Samatha Barijan.

Biglmaier, who returned to beach tennis earlier this year from a wrist injury, has not failed to impress as the victory in Reunion brings her total wins in 2017 to 5 at tournamanets offering $10,000 prize money and above.

Garnier and Biglmaier do not often play major tournaments together and have on several occasions been opponents, namely a $10,000 tournament in Le Carbet, Martinique in April that saw Biglmaier and Venezuelan Patricia Diaz claim victory against Garnier and Mathilde Hoarau.

Nevertheless, the partnership was as strong as ever on the 17 December at the final of the Trophée SBTC as Garnier and Biglamaier won the final in straight sets.

In the men's draw, second seeds Alessi and Ramos-Viera took the title, beating last year's favourites and top seeded team at the 2017 event, Burmakin and Giovannini, in the final.

As the last highest-paying tournament of 2017, the Tropée SBTC signifies the end of the season for most, leaving players time for rest and preperation ahead of the 2018 campaign.