21 Dec 2017

The 2017 year-end No.1s are...

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By Nick Fishpool

Luca Cramarossa, Marco Garavini, Giulia Gasparri and Federica Bacchetta

The International Tennis Federation is pleased to announce the players confirmed as the 2017 year-end World No.1 ranked players.

This year there are two-way ties for the number one position in both the men’s and women’s categories and congratulations on a successful season go out to the Italian quartet Luca Cramarossa, Marco Garavini, Giulia Gasparri and Federica Bacchetta.

Cramarossa and Gasparri finish a beach tennis campaign with the number one ranking for a first time and Cramarossa commented: "[To] be the number one is a great feeling. I [have] made many sacrifices since I started playing beach tennis, and being number 1 in the ranking satisfies me for everything I've done and gives me new energy to continue training and to try to win."

Speaking of her first ever year-end number one ranking achievement, Gasparri said: "It's the first year for me that I finish the season as number one and I have to say it's a great satisfaction!

"You feel like [you're] repaid [for] all the sacrifices made during the whole season, you look back and you think 'I did it'."

As first time year-end number one’s, Cramarossa and Gasparri become the seventh male and tenth female player’s respectively to hold this coveted honour.

For Garavini and Bacchetta, ending as the season’s number one ranked players also represents an impressive milestone in each of their careers. Bacchetta becomes the year-ending World Number 1 for a fourth time, drawing her level with Simona Briganti whilst for Garavini it is a record extending fifth number one finish.

These four players were pushed hard to earn the year-ending top ranking with all four exceeding 1000 points, which is a first for women and this mark was also surpassed by the 2016 number one Flaminia Daina and Sofia Cimatti who was number one in both 2014 and 2015 as they both finish just 88 points behind Bacchetta and Gasparri.

In the men’s rankings, Michele Cappelletti, the men’s 2016 number one, was unfortunate to miss out on a third straight top ranking finish. Despite earning 100 points more than he achieved when topping the rankings in 2016, he still trailed Cramarossa and Gasparri, but only by 165 points.

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