06 Dec 2017

Nations meet at European Officiating Seminar

News Article

Participants of the European Officiating Seminar in Hamburg, Germany

Twenty-seven National Association representatives met at the annual European Officiating Seminar in Hamburg, Germany on 4-5 December to discuss the latest news from Tennis Europe and the ITF, debate existing issues and share their own experiences.

Participating National Associations included Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey. 

Anders Wennberg, the ITF Regional Officiating Officer for Europe, led the seminar and presented the latest news from Tennis Europe and the results of the ongoing Exchange programme.

Soeren Friemel, the ITF’s Head of Officiating, presented new and planned officiating initiatives for 2018, including assignments for officials at ITF events and possible changes to evaluations for an official. ITF Officiating Consultant Anastasia Kosheleva gave an overview of the ITF Officiating Education Portal and a new national level officiating school project, and also gave an update on officiating school results in 2017.

Positive results shared include an improvement in the average pass rate to 94% for European Level 2 Officiating Schools, and a 5.7% increase in female attendance at Officiating Schools since 2014.

Meanwhile, Nico Helwerth and Patrick Mackenstein demonstrated the DTB Junior Group Project, highlighting the officiating pathway in Germany.

Circuit news, integrity and the Transition Tour were amongst a number of other topics discussed, with delegates sharing their views on each subject and exchanging ideas. As part of the seminar, a taskforce group also gathered to communicate new initiatives and plans for next year.

The ITF would like to thank all the delegates for their input and the German Tennis Federation for hosting the seminar.