04 Dec 2017

Cramarossa and Garavini look back on Aruban win

News Article

Luca Cramarossa and Marco Garavini

After reaching the final of the World Championships in 2017 this year and closely losing to Michele Cappelletti and Luca Carli, Luca Cramarossa and Marco Garavini reflect on their win against the pair at the Aruba Beach Tennis Open $35,000+H over 17-19 November.

Memories of their loss to their compatriots at the World Championships were still fresh in the mind of Garavini who admitted he had been looking for revenge after the summer loss at the World Championships and the pair were eager to win in Aruba.

Cramarossa, proud of their win, acknowledged the quality their opponents possesed: "Carli and Cappelletti in major tournaments such as the World [Championships] and Aruba play very well, so winning Aruba against them in the final is even more satisfying."

Considering his opinion of the event, Cramarossa felt that the Aruba $35,000+H tournament could not be compared to any other tournament, not only due to the volumn of crowds that attend but also due to the climate.

"The vibe of the central court is incredible, an air so special it doesn't exist anywhere else," he mused.

Garavini described the Aruba win as being the "icing on the cake" to end an amazing season playing alongside Cramarossa, "Aruba was the last 2017 tournament for me and Marco. Now we will train and prepare for the best 2018."

For Garavini, his own personal goal was to return to the World No.1 ranking, a goal which may be acheived in just over a week's time when the rankings are released incorporating the points gained at the Aruba $35,000+H tournament.

Cramarossa concludes by saying: "I want to congratulate the organisation for the success of the tournament, and I can’t wait to come back next year. Thank you all."