08 Nov 2017

Decision in the case of Jake Mak


The International Tennis Federation has announced that Jake Mak has committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Article 2.3 of the 2017 Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (the "Programme").

Mr. Mak, a 27-year-old player from the Netherlands, was notified on 24 February 2017 that he had been selected to provide an out-of-competition blood sample. Mr. Mak did not provide that blood sample. Accordingly, Mr. Mak was charged with an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Article 2.3 of the Programme (Refusing or Failing without compelling justification to submit to Sample collection after notification) on 18 May 2017.

At a hearing on 24 October 2017, an Independent Tribunal received evidence and heard legal arguments from both parties, and subsequently issued a reasoned decision on 7 November, which is available below.

The Independent Tribunal determined that (1) Mr. Mak refused to provide a Sample within the meaning of Article 2.3 of the Programme; (2) he bore No Significant Fault or Negligence for that refusal; (3) he should serve a period of ineligibility of two years; and (4) that period of ineligibility should be back-dated under Article 10.10.3(c) of the Programme to commence from 24 February 2017 and so shall end at midnight on 23 February 2019.

Mr. Mak has not competed since 24 February 2017.

This decision is subject to appeal in accordance with Article 12 of the Programme.