26 Oct 2017

Becoming Extraordinary with Dr Ann Quinn

News Article

Photo: Paul ZimmerThe meeting with Dr Ann Quinn

The ITF Junior Masters brought a collection of promising players to the court in Chengdu but their quest to reach the upper echelons of the game is only just beginning.

These talented juniors are chasing ranking points and prize money, but the sacrifices and endeavour required to make it on the professional circuit is difficult to overstate.

As a result, the players were given the opportunity to work with peak performance director Dr Ann Quinn during their time in Chengdu.

Dr Quinn spent 12 years on Tour week-in week-out and has worked with Tennis Australia, the LTA and the WTA, alongside numerous elite players.

The 16 juniors were introduced to Dr Quinn’s mentoring programme with a talk at the Sichuan Tennis International Hotel on Wednesday. This week the group and their coaching teams are fortunate to be having one-on-one sessions and will be given a copy of her book, ‘How To Be An Extraordinary Athlete’.

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little bit extra," explained Dr Quinn, who wants to help players understand the fundamentals on their journey to achieve their tennis dreams.

Dr Quinn used statistics and a plethora of examples from her extensive experience with top athletes to show how the transition from juniors to Tour level is complex.

“The biggest skill is to learn to believe in yourself,” stated Dr Quinn, emphasising the importance of the mental side to the game in dealings with expectations. “Belief is a skill you work on daily like you would with a forehand or backhand. It’s about creating a winning environment.”

The Australian demonstrated the need for players to have a clear vision, to evaluate their progress and to focus on little details.

Dr Quinn was also eager for these juniors to build successful routines, including plenty of sleep and sensible nutrition, whilst also finding time for relaxation and recuperation.

“There are no real secrets to success. It’s about effort, intensity, repetition. Focus on the process.”