05 Oct 2017

Beach Tennis cream expected on the Caribbean scene

News Article

By Nick Fishpool

Photo: Nathalie CeccoliOranjestad, Aruba

With the exception of 2015, Aruba has been the location of a major prize money tournament on the ITF Beach Tennis Tour since 2010 and this coming November is no different.

For the second consecutive year the Caribbean island situated off the coast of Venezuela in the south Caribbean Sea is to offer a huge $35,000 prize pot and award the highest ranking points available outside of the annual World Championships.

These two factors, along with Aruba always proving a popular location with the players, is likely to ensure that the world’s finest will be travelling to the island in the hope of succeeding last year’s winners.

Past winners of Aruba’s top tournament include reigning World Champions Michele Cappelletti and Luca Carli who won in 2016 whilst last year’s women’s event saw surprise winners emerge with Martina Corbara and Ninny Valentini taking the title as seventh seeds, aided somewhat by the shock first round elimination of the top seeds made up of then world number 1 and 2 respectively Eva D’Elia and Giulia Gasparri.

Ninny Valentiny and Martina Corbara (ITA)

Previous years have also seen Alessandro Calbucci and Marco Garavini take the men’s title (in 2014) whilst holding both the European and World titles and Matteo Marighella who has been a title winner here on three occasions; each time with a different partner. Giulia Curzi and Flavia Muniz have each been a title winner here twice before, with the last time coming whilst playing alongside one another in 2013.

Falling just one week after the region’s fifth annual Pan American Championships, which will also be held in Aruba once again, this tournament will be the third Aruban prize money tournament of 2017. The first took place during the week commencing 18 September and the second follows in late October, both offering $2,500 in prize money.