01 Dec 2016

Riccardo Bellotti equals men's titles record

Text Interview

By Nick Fishpool

Photo: Riccardo BellottiRiccardo Bellotti (ITA)

25-year-old Italian Riccardo Bellotti has equalled the men's ITF Pro Circuit record for most singles titles won in a calendar year. His nine wins means he shares the honour with Hans Podlipnik-Castillo (2014) and Mohamed Safwat (2013).

We caught up with Bellotti for a quick Q&A upon his record equalling achievement.


ITF: How does it feel to top the singles title winners leaderboard and be co-holder of the Futures calendar year record?

Bellotti: Well, for me is nice too see that I won the most Futures it means to me that I dominate at this level and I hope to do same at bigger tournaments. But at same time I can't be top 100 so at the end I have to play big tournaments.


You missed out on two additional titles in 2016, a narrow loss in Austria in the opening week of September and more recently when retiring in Croatia, what are your memories of those two finals?

In Croatia I played too many matches without rest and then in the third one I was struggling already at the beginning and in the final I had pain, so I decided to retire because to beat [Jaroslav] Pospisil I needed to be very fit because he is a good player!

And against [Sebastian] Ofner, in Austria, he played quite well so can't complain.


Do you have any plans to compete again on the ITF Pro Circuit in the remaining weeks of 2016 and trying for a record tenth calendar year title win?

No, no, I have holidays now and I will start the preparation for Australia in Tenerife with my coaches and other players. But of course it would be an honour if I would win other titles and be the [outright] world record holder!