26 Aug 2016

Tennis courts at the National Tennis Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia awarded ITF Recognition

News Article

ITF Recognised courts at the National Tennis Centre, Bratislava

Two courts at the National Tennis Centre (Bratislava, Slovakia) have obtained ITF Recognition awards.

One court has been awarded Two-Star ITF Recognition, whilst the second court has achieved One-Star ITF Recognition, an independent acknowledgement of the quality of installation. Both courts met the ITF recommendations for evenness, slope, planarity and dimensions, and one court achieved Two-Star ITF Recognition by meeting the ITF recommendations for court pace. 

Both courts were installed by M.CUP Sports Surfaces s.r.o., a construction and development company based in Slovakia which, with 25 years of experience, specialises in performance surfaces for sport facilities and athletic installations all over Europe.  Lucia Micháliková, Managing Partner of M.CUP Sport Surfaces said: “Obtaining the internationally recognised ‘ITF Recognition’ award has enabled M.CUP to provide independent evidence to our client that we have delivered a high quality of installation.”

The National Tennis Centre in Bratislava has, in recent years, hosted major tennis tournaments including Home Ties for Slovakia’s Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams, and the Peugeot Slovak Open.

With 58 courts from 21 venues currently ITF Recognised, the programme is continuing to grow worldwide, providing a range of benefits to manufacturers, installers and end-users.

For more information about the ITF Recognition programme, visit http://www.itftennis.com/technical/courts/recognised-courts.aspx or email the ITF Technical Centre at technical@itftennis.com.