03 Feb 2015

Carlos Boluda-Purkiss (ESP) - OPT Circuit interview

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By OPT Circuit

Carlos Boluda-Purkiss (ESP)

Following the recent run of three tournaments in Iran, Spaniard Carlos Boluda-Purkiss, winner in the opening tournament just days prior to his 22nd birthday, answered some questions posed by OPT Circuit.


How does it feel to win your first ITF Pro Circuit singles title?

[It] feels really good. I played four finals before but I couldn’t win. So it was really good to win it here in Kish Island. I feel confident. I remember when I was younger I won many titles. It became normal for me. But in last five years I won nothing. That’s why I’m really happy.


You’ve had troubles in the past with injuries, how are you now?

When I was 18 and about 500 in rankings, I got injured for six months. When I came back I’d lost my points and my level. I tried and tried. Two years ago I changed my city and my coach. Moved to Madrid and started to improve and improve. After two months I was playing in final again. After the final I got injured for another three months. And again [in] 2014 I had six months [out injured] again. But I should see the future.

Now I’m fine and I guess I play good. But I should [try] to be better and I do my best. So I hope never get injured again and I can improve my ranking in this year.


What is your plan for 2015?

I’m trying to be in Top 300 at the end of the year. I should go further step by step. When a player is in Top 300 he tries to be in Top 200. When a player is in Top 100 he tries to be in Top 50. I hope and I try to be there some time. I dream to win the French Open final. That would be awesome.


How did you view the level of competition at the OPT Circuit tournaments?

Very good level. There are some good players like Michael Linzer [Iran F2 winner], Martin Vaisse and Alexis Musialek [Iran F3 winner]. With them each player should play his best tennis if he wants to win the title. Also organisation is very good. I really like it. Here organising team is very professional. They think of players.


Going back to the beginning, how did you get in tennis?

When I was four my dad was playing tennis with me. When I was seven I had my first coach and he was my coach for seven years. I played very good those days. In juniors I had many titles and now I’m working with a good coach and good team in Madrid.



Do you suggest that players compete on theITF Pro Circuit?

I suggest all players to play in Futures. The reason is clear. You need to practice and also feel the tournament situation. So Pro Circuit helps a lot for players to feel the tournament and also get points.


Who is the biggest name you have played against?

I played against Bernard Tomic in Wimbledon juniors. I lost really easy (laughs). That was my first time in Wimbledon and it was a big experience. By the way I don’t care about of my opponent’s name. If I play my best tennis and lose against anyone, I’ll be okay.


Who is your idol?

Andre Agassi and in Spain David Ferrer. I talked to Ferrer two or three times. He was really nice and really normal. I asked questions about tennis and he responded like any other guy.


How do you spend a typical day when away from tournament play?

I’m from Alicante but live in Madrid. I train and get back home. In Madrid I have nothing. My friends are not there. My girlfriend is in Santander. In Madrid I only have my coach who helps me a lot.


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