08 Sep 2014

Jules Marie (FRA) - OPT Circuit interview

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By OPT Circuit

Photo: Alireza Karami - Optcircuit.comJules Marie (FRA)

How does it feel winning the OPT Circuit, ITF Pro Circuit IRI F8 singles title?

Feels really good. Especially because it was my second title in a row as I won in Serbia a week before.


On the same day you won your first ever title in doubles competition…

Yes that was a big day as I won both singles and doubles title. It was my first doubles title and I am really glad. I hope I can continue on this rhythm.


What is next for Jules Marie?

I would like to gain as many points as I can, so after a week off I’ll go to play more circuits and then try for taking part in Australian Open. I need to get at least 30 points more to get sure I can play in Australian Open. I have two more months and I think it is possible for me.


And your long term target is…

My long term target in professional tennis is to be in top hundred. This is the dream of any player and I hope in three years I can make it true.


What will you do to achieve this target?

I will practice every day and will play more ITF Pro Circuits tournaments. I will take part in more Challengers next year. I have a Challenger at the beginning of the year and I have many points to defend on that. So probably I will lose some points.

That’s why OPT Circuit points are really important for me to be in top 300. Then in October, September and November I have three Challengers to take part and hopefully get more points there.


What do you think about playing in ITF Pro Circuit system? Do you suggest young talents play in it?

Yes I do. I started playing in Pro Circuit when I was 19. Maybe that was late but I suggest everybody to play in it in younger ages. It helps a lot to improve yourself, both in technical and professional aspects. It helps to play in different conditions with different players and different kind of courts which will be valuable experience for the future.


What is it like to play in OPT Circuit?

It is nice. It is a good idea. I know there are nine tournaments so far this year in Kish Island (IRI F1 to F7) and Tehran (F8 to F10).


Have you heard about OPT Circuit before you register for Iran Future events?

Not that much. I saw the official page on Instagram then I saw the official website.


What do think about the organisation?

Oh everything is perfect here. The courts are really great and there are other things which help players to concentrate on their game. There are massage, free wi-fi for players, cheap laundry, food beside the courts, shuttle to hotel, ball boys and good referees, nice people who help players in everything.

The whole OPT Circuit guys want to make everything easy for players. They take care about players and their coaches visas and accommodation. Let me tell you something, there is something else which is really nice here. I discussed with Alexis Musialek about it. The matches on center court with fans and live TV coverage are completely like Challenger tournaments level.


What do you think about Accumulated Circuit Points system?

Giving top ranked players who participate in OPT Circuit tournaments extra money at the end of the year is a really good idea. Players need money to travel and play in more Pro Circuits and with this extra money they can easily do it. So it motivates players to look more serious to the game to win this challenge as well as win the competition and get ATP points. Toni Androic is the first one so it is exciting to be part of it.


Do you suggest other players to be part of OPT Circuit?

Yes absolutely because players here only need to worry about their game and nothing else.


Who was your idol when you were child?

When I was 12 or younger, I liked the French guy Sebastian Grosjean and Federico Coria from Argentina.

Now of course Roger Federer although I like Nadal, Djokovic and Gael Monfils.


Who was your toughest opponent you have played against?

Dustin Brown of Germany.


Best and worst aspects in tennis?

The best aspect is traveling all over the world. It is really good to open the mind with seeing different people of different countries with different cultures. And the worst is money [laughs]. Most of the players do not have enough money to lose. Even when you win a competition you have to pay your coach, you accommodation and it is difficult.


What are your hobbies?

I’m studying Sport at university in Paris. So apart from tennis I’m studying. Going to cinema and seeing friends and family are my hobbies.


Let’s talk about Ice Bucket Challenge at the end of award ceremony of Iran F8?

[Laughs] I did it. It was really really cold but it was 2 seconds. It was a good idea by Tournament Director Amir Sadri, to help the people with ALS disease.

Jules Marie (FRA)