03 Aug 2014

Calbucci determined to stay world champion

News Article

By Leonardo Careddu

Photo: Stuart BarracloughAlessandro Calbucci (ITA)

CERVIA, ITALY: Alessandro Calbucci and Marco Garavini completed their seemingly unstoppable run to the final of the Beach Tennis World Championships on Saturday after convincing wins throughout the event, no matter what their opponents have thrown at them.

Speaking ahead of their semifinal on Saturday, Calbucci revealed the motivation behind their faultless performance in Cervia.

"We started off as favourites for the circuit, Garavini and I, and before the tournament we discussed how we wanted to enter into the history of the sport," Calbucci said. "The largest motivation is that no one has ever won the World Championship two years in a row with the same partner and to do so would be fantastic."

Even though their tactics and style have helped them win many tournaments throughout the year, Calbucci admits that there are still some very strong teams on the circuit who are capable of stopping them.

"In my opinion Luca Carli and Michele Cappelletti are a very strong team,” he continued. “We met them three times in the past year and won all three times but they are tough to beat.

Calbucci, who hails from the Italy’s Ravenna region, went on to explain why the World Championships in Cervia is so important to him. 

"This tournament is my favourite, it has the best atmosphere, there are so many spectators that understand the game and cheer you on,” he said. “After you win here it is fantastic because the fans want to congratulate you in person and talk, it's a wonderful feeling.

“I also love playing in Aruba and in Brazil where I have many friends and not forgetting the beautiful Reunion Island; it's difficult to choose a favourite from them as I want beach tennis to continue growing and I want to play this beautiful game all over the world."

When asked about what he thought about the future of beach tennis, Calbucci revealed the ongoing work behind the scenes that is being put into taking the game to more and more countries across the globe.

"We have an international meeting on Monday with the ITF where we will discuss many things, the important thing is to bring beach tennis to more and more places and we will be discussing how to make the game even more spectacular and fun than it already is,” he said.

Calbucci and Garavini will face Luca Meliconi and Luca Cramarossa in the final on centre court at 17.30 this afternoon, you can watch the game live courtesy of our live streaming service.