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20 Jun 2014

Nanjing 2014 YOG Virtual Torch Relay on the moon

News Article

Photo: NYOGOCYoung technicians in Beijing Aerospace Control Center

The Virtual Torch of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was transmitted to the Chang’e-3 lunar probe from the Beijing Aerospace Control Center on 19 June in an event that perfectly combined advanced science and technology with Youth Olympic Spirit to draw the attention of young people and stimulate their interest in outer space.

A digitalized image of mascot NanjingLeLe holding the YOG torch sent to the moon by the Jiamusi deep-space ground control station then sent back to the Kashi ground control station by the Chang’e-3 lunar probe. Finally, the digitalized image returned to Beijing to complete the first YOG Virtual Torch Relay in space.

The virtual moon landing is a first for the YOG Virtual Torch Relay and another significant milestone after the virtual torch’s arrival in the South Pole on May 28th.

The idea for the Nanjing 2014 YOG virtual torch to go to the moon was proposed by the amateur radio club of Nanjing Third High School. The members of the club communicated with the astronauts from the U.S. space station on behalf of all Chinese youth on 2007. One of the radio club members, Xu Guanlan, was invited to take part in the outer space Virtual Torch Relay. The moon represents reunion and happiness in Chinese culture, and having NanjingLeLe travel there virtually represents great hope for the future and the Nanjing 2014 YOG.

The virtual torch relay gives everyone a chance to become a torchbearer, and take part in the Nanjing 2014 YOG. Participants can spread Olympic Values and the YOG spirit to every corner of the world. On the same day as the outer space event, the Virtual Torch Relay also passed through Australia, Seychelles and Tonga. Enthusiasm for the Virtual Torch Relay APP continues to increase with nearly 30 million downloads from all over the world as of June 19th.


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