11 Jun 2014

Beach tennis arrives in Belgium

News Article

Team Belgium - World Team Championship 2013

Beach tennis is coming to Belgium. Over 21-22 June 2014, tennisclub Duvels in Willebroek will play host as the nation welcomes the ITF Beach Tennis Tour for the first time.

This event, a Grade 4 tournament offering €500.00 in prize money will be followed, a week later, by a second Grade 4 tournament which will be staged in Hove, also in the province of Antwerp.

Later this year there also hope of a third tournament to be held in Lebbeke.

Beach tennis in Belgium is growing every year. A lot of regular tennis clubs are now organising beach tennis activities and the national tour is becoming bigger and bigger. A few clubs are now taking things to a higher level with the organisation of ITF tournaments.

Belgium is hopeful to attract some foreign players who want to discover beach tennis in this western-European country. This first tournament in the middle of the country is anticipated to kick-start a series of ITF tournaments in the nation every year.

The Belgian National Tennis Federation stated:  "Beach tennis, the most spectacular beach sport of all!"

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