23 May 2014

Successful conclusion of 4th module of Level 2 Course in Belarus

News Article

L2 in Belarus - The course participants listening to tutor, Alex Cuellar

Thirteen coaches took part in Module 4 of the Level 2 Coaches Course which was held in Minsk, Belarus from 14th to 17th May.  This 4-day module on Physical Conditioning was conducted by Alex Cuéllar (ESP).

This module included topics such as periodization, warm-up, conditioning off-court and on-court, injury prevention, fitness test, recovery methods, nutrition and doping.

The first day focused on basic training principles and long-term development in the conference room, followed by on-court tennis warm-up methods. During the second day, the expert and the candidates worked all the physical qualities on court with some specific drills and different players. The next day covered injury prevention topics in the lecture room and in the gym, following by a fitness test and in the afternoon, a group discussion amongst the participants about doping. On the last day, the participants practised some circuit training with the players, and they had to design and perform four circuits related to the following: speed, strength-power, endurance and mix.

This module was the fourth of five modules which comprise this Level 2 Coaches Course, which commenced on 27th January.  The first three modules followed the standard ITF Level 2 course syllabus and was organised with the financial support of Olympic Solidarity through the Belarus NOC.  The fifth and final module will take place in September and upon completion, successful candidates will become Level 2 coaches of the Belarus Tennis Federation.

Course tutor, Alex Cuellar commented, "I was so excited to travel to Minsk to conduct this module, which was held at one of the best national tennis centres in Minsk. I was made to feel so welcome thanks to the facilities and hospitality of the Belarus Tennis Federation assistants, Yelena and Vadim. I would especially like to thank Irina Chichmarova for all her help and for translating, the ITF/Tennis Europe Development Officer, Hrvoje Zmajic, for the opportunity to conduct this module and I wish the candidates good luck for the remainder of the course.”