22 May 2014

ITF Pro Circuit meets... Jordan Kerr

Text Interview

Jordan Kerr (AUS)

The former ATP doubles World Number 23 was a champion at the 2014 Portugal F4 Futures tournament with Fabrice Martin where we caught up with the 34-year-old.

ITF Pro Circuit: Why did you decide to come to Monfortinho to play this Futures (POR F4 2014)?

Jordan Kerr: I came here to train and help out my future doubles partner. Also, I really like Portugal and enjoy experiencing new places.

What do you like about this tournament?

It’s beautiful and peaceful here. The tournament hotel is very comfortable and relaxing.

Can you tell us where were you born and maybe describe the area where you grew up?

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia. I grew up 30mins from the city, in the countryside. My home was on seven acres of land and had a horse to roam around the property.

Do any other members of your family play sport?

My father and mother both played tennis professionally.

So how did you get started in tennis?

I started playing tennis aged five. My father taught me and I learnt how to play on my white clay court at home.

Who were/are your tennis idols?

Stefan Edberg

What is your greatest tennis memory either as a player or as a fan?

When representing Australia in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced on court?

The Bryan Brothers and Nadal.

In your opinion, what would you say are the best and worst aspects of being a professional tennis player?

Best aspects: travelling around the world and doing a job you love.

Worst aspects: Travelling on a plane nearly every week for ten months a year, living in hotel rooms and sacrificing being at home with family and friends.

If you could only have one Grand Slam title, which would you choose?


Away from the tennis court do you have any other interests?

I love watching Aussie football, going wine tasting with friends and investing in property.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2014?

I want to return to the Top 100.

Finally, tell us something about yourself that possibly not many people already know?

I can be very forgetful. At the 2007 Australian Open first round, I walked 10mins to my match court, opened my racquet bag and discovered I had no racquets. I left them in the locker room after putting new grips on.