04 Apr 2014

Morocco hosts a Regional Level 2 Coaches Course

News Article

Regional Level 2 Coaches Course participants - Casablanca, Morocco

The ITF/OS Level 2 Coaches course for the French-speaking North African region, hosted by the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation in collaboration with the Moroccan National Olympic Committee, was held in Casablanca, Morocco from 1 to 12 March 2014. The 12-day course was conducted by ITF Tutors, Amine Benmakhlouf and Ali Choqri from Morocco and Jean-François Blanco from France.

There were a total of 17 participants from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria including 2 women.

Many topics in relation to Coaching Advanced tennis players were covered, including Teaching Methodology, Communication Skills, Strategy, Tactics and Technique, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Mental Training for Tournament Players, Psychology, Standards and Analysis, Planning, Goal Setting, Training, Energy Systems, Physical Conditioning, Ethics and Travelling.

The participants were all very interested and concerned.  Assia and Nadir were particularly interested in the biomechanics section.  Several videos were projected presenting different schools.  Omar said, "I was very impressed by the footwork video of Li Na and Novak Djokovic."

The indoor and outdoor tennis courts, conference room, hotel and restaurant were all located in the Moundir Tennis Academy.

Mr Aziz El Aaraf, Vice-President of the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation, warmly thanked the ITF and the ITF Tutors for their efforts and the quality of their presentations.

He remarked, "For better development of tennis in the region, the concerned Tennis Federations and their NOCs need to organize more ITF courses and promote female participation.  There are many high level players who need qualified professional tennis coaches.  The players and coaches must participate in intensive training programmes and tournaments internationally".

The course tutors took the opportunity to thank the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation and the Moroccan NOC for their warm welcome and kind help.