19 Mar 2014

Finland to host ITF Seniors World Championships in 2016

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Finland at the Finland at the 2012 ITF Seniors World Team Championships

The ITF is pleased to announce the 2016 ITF Seniors World Team and Individual Championships will be held in Helsinki, Finland.

2016 is the second year in which the ITF Seniors World Championships will be split into three separate categories; the Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors events. With Helsinki being confirmed as the Seniors category, it will host the over 50’s, over 55’s and over 60’s age groups. The championships will take place indoors on hard courts, spread across three different venues in Helsinki.

It is the first time since its inception in 1981 that the Seniors World Individual Championships will be staged in Scandinavia.

Helsinki has previously played host to two cup events in the history of the Seniors World Team Championships: the Jack Crawford Cup was held there in 1984 and the Maria Esther Bueno Cup followed suit in 1987.

As with all Seniors World Championships events, the Seniors World Team Championships will precede the individual event.

The official dates are as follows:

2016 ITF Seniors World Team Championships:

Monday 20 June – 25 June

2016 ITF Seniors World Individual Championships:

26 June – Sunday 3 July

For further information on the re-structure of the ITF Seniors World Championships, as well as dates for the 2015 and 2016 competitions, please refer to the article below: