03 Mar 2014

Lisbon hosts World Tennis Day coaches conference

News Article

Presenters and coaches at the International World Tennis Day Conference in Lisbon

The Portuguese Tennis Federation (FPT) hosted the International World Tennis Day Conference, 1-2 March, in Lisbon.

Preceeding World Tennis Day (March 3rd), it was the FPT's first activity as part of this worldwide event. With many events planned throughout the day nationwide, including open days in the 50 or so certified official Play+Stay clubs, and several Tennis10s events, hosting a coaches conference was innovative. According to Vitor Cabral, Development Director of the FPT, "...WTD in 2013 was mainly an event centred around players, Tennis10s, schools and clubs. This year we felt it would be great to include something specifically for coaches and hosting a conference was really the logical way to go. This brought a lot of extra attention to WTD and also served to engage the coaches with the celebrations, as it was a great opportunity to spread the message...".

With a prestigious panel that included Miguel Crespo, Carl Maes, Richard Gonzalez, David Sanz and Vitor Cabral, the conference was attended by more than 100 Portuguese coaches."