11 Feb 2014

Beach tennis returns to Argentina

News Article

By Nick Fishpool

Beach tennis action from Argentina

After a year-long absence, this coming weekend sees Buenos Aires once again hosting as the ITF Beach Tennis Tour returns to the South American nation of Argentina with another Grade 4 tournament.

In 2013 Venezuelans enjoyed a great tournament in this capital city where both finals were contested between all-Venezuelan partnerships culminating in Jorge and Pedro Penalver taking the men’s title with the women’s title going to Lady Correa and Patricia Diaz.

Home nation players delighted the gathered crowds with semifinal finishes last year and they will be looking to feed off of the energy generated by the home support once more and this time emerge title winners.

For those looking to go along to lend their support, full tournament details are on the factsheet which can be found on the ITF Beach Tennis website here: http://www.itftennis.com/beachtennis/tournaments/2014-calendar/february.aspx

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