11 Feb 2014

Comores hosts its first ever Level 1 Course

News Article

Comores L1 course - Closing Ceremony

The ITF Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course (Level 1), hosted by the Comores Tennis Federation in collaboration with the Comores Olympic Committee, was held in Moroni, at the Moroni Tennis Club from 22nd January to 2nd February 2014.  The 12-day course was conducted by ITF Tutor, Michel Rissani and ITF Development Officer for East Africa, Thierry Ntwali.

The first 3 days of the course covered mainly Play Tennis topics such as communications, Red, Orange and Green balls in relation to the court sizes. Other topics included tactics and how children aged 10 and under, learn. Meanwhile the Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players course had some of the following topics taught to the participants: Fundamentals of Technique and Tactic, Elements of Group and Individual Lessons, and Biomechanics.

A total of 25 participants took part in the course including school teachers and regional sport leaders. At the end of the course, the enthusiastic participants confessed that the material was so much more enriching than they had anticipated. Representing the participants Ahmed Ibrahim said, "We learnt a lot in this course, more than just tennis.  On behalf of everyone I would like to thank the tutors for sharing their knowledge and for their commitment; we feel more equipped to teach tennis. Thank you for your devotion".

The President of the Comores Tennis Federation, Bahassani Ahmed, thanked the coaches for taking part and reminded them that they are the back bone of the Development programme.  He also thanked everyone involved, especially the ITF and ITF Tutors for their efforts and the quality of the material presented during the course as well as the Comores Olympic Committee for facilitating such a successful course, which was covered by local newspapers who published several articles about the course and the importance of ITF support for tennis in the region.