04 Feb 2014

ITF Junior Tennis Task Force

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ITF Junior Tennis Task Force

The ITF Junior Tennis Task Force, a body set up to study areas of interest in the field of junior competition and player development, has announced its conclusions and recommendations on the topic of 12 and 10 & under tennis. 

Luca Santilli, ITF Head of Juniors Tennis said: “The Task Force objective is to study specific topics in junior tennis and share best practice with our member nations and regional associations, and the meetings held over the past 2 years have proven very constructive and beneficial."

The main focus of the Task Force was on finding ways of making competition at both national and international level more effective for this age group and the main areas discussed were:

- Competition structure/accelerated performance pathway/national and international rankings

- On court coaching/the role of the captain in team competitions

The detailed recommendations sent round to all the ITF’s member nations covered the following areas:

- Scoring format and duration of matches at 12 & under and 10 & under level

- Appropriate age for national/international rankings

- Appropriate age for international competition

- Competitive structure and competitive load for 12 & under players and three stages of 10 & under

- Role of the captain in junior team competition

The ITF Junior Tennis Task Force is made up of experts in high performance junior tennis and player development from various regions around the world: from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Spain and USA.

It is hoped that the ITF’s member nations will consider how to use the recommendations of the Task Force to benefit junior tennis in their country.

Dave Miley, ITF Executive Director Tennis Development commented: “The ITF’s intention is to continue supporting this project in future and to use the Task Force expertise to continue improving national and international junior tennis competitive structure.”