30 Jan 2014

Yuliana Lizarazo interview from Tinajo

Text Interview

Photo: Hedeson AlvesYuliana Lizarazo (COL)

An interview, courtesy of LanzaroteDeportiva.com, with Yuliana Lizarazo.

Along with Deborah Chiesa of Italy, she triumphed in the doubles final of last week at the $10,000 tournament in Tinajo, Lanzarote, Spain and later spoke of the match.


Congratulations Yuliana.

The second week was better than the first one. I lost the singles semifinal but I think I played a good match. In the doubles final, we struggled but finally managed to win.

What has been the difference between the first and second tournament?

The difference is that the first tournament was the first event I played this the year. I have played in the qualifying here, which helped me build up my confidence and believe I can go far.

How was your experience of playing in Lanzarote?

I am very happy to have competed here. The venue is great and the players have also made the atmosphere really enjoyable.

Even despite the wind?

The wind has made an appearance in every match and it has bothered all players equally. That situation forced me to stay focused all the time so I could take advantage and keep winning points.

Now that you are leaving us, what is Yuliana Lizarazo’s work plan?

I’m going back to Verona to carry on training. In two weeks’ time I’ll be competing at the 10K in Stockholm and after that I’ll go to Majorca.