19 Dec 2013

Young Seniors World Championships to commence in 2015

News Article

Arnaud Magnin (FRA)

The ITF is pleased to announce that from 2015 the ITF Seniors World Championships will be held over three separate events, with a new Young Seniors category at the World Team and Individual Championships complementing the already established Seniors and Super-Seniors events.

The Young Seniors World Championships will comprise the three youngest age groups in seniors tennis, the over 35's to the over 45's. Up until and including 2014, they have been catered for within the Seniors Championships.

From 2015 the Seniors World Championships will now only have three age groups, the over 50's, over 55’s and over 60's age group, having surrendered the 35's to 45’s age category to the Young Seniors and taken the 60’s category from the Super-Seniors. The competition for the eldest players, the Super-Seniors, will host the over 65 to over 80 age groups in the team events as well as the over 65 to over 85 age groups in the individual part of the event.

Each of the Young Seniors, Seniors and Super Seniors World Championships will be held at separate locations and times during the calendar and will continue with the pre-existing schedule of the team event preceding the individual event.

The dates and venues of the 2016 World Championships are as follows:

Young Seniors World Team Championships:

1-6 May 2016 - Umag, Croatia

Young Seniors World Individual Championships:

7-14 May 2016 - Umag, Croatia

Seniors World Team Championships:

19-24 June 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

Seniors World Individual Championships:

25 June-2 July 2016 - Helsinki, Finland

Super-Seniors World Team Championships:

16-21 October 2016 - Antalya, Turkey

Super-Seniors World Individual Championships:

22-29 October 2016 - Antalya, Turkey