17 Dec 2013

Level 1 Coaches Course takes place in Khartoum

News Article

Sudan L1 course - - course participants with their certificates

The ITF Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players course (Level 1 course), hosted by the Sudan Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) in collaboration with the Sudanese National Olympic Committee, was held at the National Tennis Centre in Khartoum from 24th November to 5th December 2013. The 12-day course was conducted by ITF Tutors, Ali Choqri from Morocco and Moustafa Naim from Egypt.

There were a total of 32 participants for the Play Tennis course and 24 participants including 2 women, for the Level 1 course. 

Many topics related to beginner and intermediate players were covered, including Play Tennis during the first three days, communication skills, the fundamentals of technique and tactic, elements of group and individual lessons, biomechanics and movement, sports medicine and first aid, psychology, physical conditioning, Rules of Tennis, organization of tournaments, skill acquisition and expertise development, coaching players with disabilities.

One of the course participants, Abd El Karim said, “The progressions in the lessons were particularly interesting.”  Marwa also added, “I have learnt a lot and am eager to put into action this new knowledge with my players.”

The SLTA and the Sudanese National Olympic Committee warmly thanked the ITF and the ITF Tutors for their efforts and the quality of their presentations.  The local newspapers printed an article concerning the course and a dinner with traditional dancers was organized for the closing ceremony where certificates of attendance were given to the course participants.

The course tutors remarked that, "We asked the SLTA to develop women’s tennis, especially since there are many girls in their tennis schools. We suggested that tennis should be more developed throughout the country since tennis clubs only exist in Khartoum."

They added, "We organized one half day devoted to tennis in schools for physical education teachers.  The tennis programmes in schools are well developed and this should help develop tennis throughout Sudan."