06 Dec 2013

Botswana hosts Regional Level 2 Coaches Course

News Article

Andre de Beer doing an on-court physical conditioning session with the coaches

The ITF Coaching Advanced Players Course (Level 2) hosted by the Botswana Tennis Association (BTA) was held in Gaborone at the National Training Centre.  The 12-day Course which ran from 25 November to 6 December was conducted by Riaan Kruger (ITF) and Andre de Beer (RSA).

Some of the content covered during the Course included:

  • Focusing on integrating Technical, Tactical, Mental, Physical aspects into lesson structures for Advanced players. 
  • Putting advanced tactics into group lessons.
  • Technical/biomechanical information and how to use it for analysis, improvement and intervention when conducting individual lessons.
  • Other subjects covered included: Role of the coach, Physical Conditioning, Goal setting, Technique and Tactics for Advanced players, Advanced Biomechanics, Traveling with Tournament players, Tennis Teaching Practice for Group and Individual lessons.

The course ended with a brief Closing Ceremony and speeches by the President of the BTA, Mr Nelson Amanze, President of the Botswana NOC, Mr Negroes Malealea Kgosietile and Botswana Sport Council CEO, Mr Thato Kgosimore.

In his speech, Mr Kgosietile commented, "Botswana is the only nation to send a female coach to the course.  I urge the rest of the region to invest in female coaches for the future of the game".

After speeches and photographs were taken, everyone in attendance enjoyed some snacks and drinks in a relaxing environment which concluded proceedings of this 12-day Coaching Advanced Players Course.