13 Nov 2013

ITF approves first Player Analysis Technology

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The International Tennis Federation (ITF) today announced that KITRIS KIT is the first Player Analysis Technology (PAT) to gain ITF Approval. This allows KITRIS KIT to be used in competitions played under the 2014 ITF Rules of Tennis from January.

Player Analysis Technology is any equipment that collects, stores, transmits, analyses or communicates information on player performance, and may be a stand-alone device or incorporated within existing equipment. This can include integrated equipment, such as a player’s racket or shoes, or remote equipment such as video recording devices.

The Rules of Tennis were changed by the ITF Annual General Meeting in July 2013 to allow the use of Player Analysis Technology during competition. The new Rule No. 31 requires all equipment defined as PAT to be approved by the ITF prior to their use.

The data collected by Player Analysis Technology constitutes coaching information under the Rules of Tennis, and therefore the use of such technology during play is restricted to being in accordance with the existing Coaching rule. Therefore a player may not have access to data collected by Player Analysis Technology during play, except when play is suspended and coaching is permitted.

Players and officials can view and download a certificate for each ITF Approved product from the ITF website: http://www.itftennis.com/technical/player-analysis/approved-products.aspx. The certificate contains a picture of the product, an explanation of how it is operated, and a summary of its status during times when coaching is and is not permitted.

KITRIS KIT is a wrist-worn device for recording the match score and additional information on how each point was won or lost, such as a forehand winner. The data collected by the device is downloaded to a computer after the match and viewed online.

Christian Züger, CEO of KITRIS AG, said: ”As a start-up company in the field of PAT tennis, we have always focused our product development and project schedule on the ITF Approval Process. Obtaining ITF Approval will greatly help us to take the final step with our product towards a successful market entry in spring 2014.”

ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “The ITF has always carried out its responsibility to control the nature of the game through an understanding of equipment, while at the same time embracing technological developments and supporting innovation. This new rule will allow players to benefit from new analysis techniques in developing their games but maintain the integrity of our sport.”

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