11 Nov 2013

‘Best’ Worldwide Coaches Conference concludes

News Article

Photo: Jorge Reyes - Afidmex2013 Worldwide Coaches Conference - José Higueras (USA)

The 18th Worldwide Coaches Conference by BNP Paribas in Cancun, Mexico has been hailed as the ‘best’ to date by ITF Executive Director, Dave Miley.

The conference, which had the theme of ‘the long-term development of a high performance player’ welcomed 900 delegates to Mexico, represented by almost 100 ITF member nations. Throughout the five-day event held at the Iberostar Resort Cancun, invited keynote speakers were of the highest calibre with notable presentations from USTA Head of Player Development Patrick McEnroe (USA), Swiss Tennis Fitness expert Beni Linder, world renowned Sports psychologist Dr Jim Loehr (USA), Carl Maes (Belgium) former coach of Kim Clijsters, Tom Gullikson (USA) and Nick Bollettieri (USA).

One the of the highlights of the conference included a women’s panel with Britain’s Fed Cup captain Judy Murray (GBR), who is also the mother of 2013 Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, Ashley Keber (USA), WTA Vice-President Player Liaison, and former Roland Garros champion Mary Pierce (FRA). The panel expressed their opinions and shared their experiences across a number of key issues which included the number of female coaches in tennis and the development of the women’s game.

During the conference, the ITF recognised the achievements of Dr. Jim Loehr, Nick Bollettieri and Alberto Riba (ESP) with ITF Services to the Game Awards. This award recognised their contribution to tennis over the years and the significant impact they have made in the sport.

At the conclusion of the conference Dave Miley ITF Executive Director of Development thanked the presenters and the delegates for their attention, and dedication over the five days, saying: “this has to be the best Worldwide Coaches Conference ever. The quality of the presentations has been exceptionally high and the Iberostar Resort Cancun has provided a fabulous environment for the event. The conference has provided the chance for the 900 delegates to not only hear presentations from the top tennis experts but also to have the chance to network with each other. It will be very difficult for future conferences to improve on Cancun 2013.”

On behalf of the ITF Board of Directors, ITF Vice-President Jon Vegosen, paid a special thank you to the Federacion Mexicana de Tenis for their preparation, delivery and support for this year’s event, while also thanking BNP Paribas for the their continued support of tennis and to the supporting conference sponsors Wilson Sports, Polar, Sport Court, Dartfish and Marti Vivir es un deporte.

President of the Federacion Mexicana de Tenis Gastón Villegas thanked the ITF for hosting the conference in Mexico and recognised the positive impact it had made to the 250 Mexican coaches in attendance. He offered a special thank you to the support of the Comisión Nacional de Cultura Física y Deporte with hosting the conference and to the Cancun Government for their support.