24 Oct 2013

Typhoons cancel matches in Osaka

Match Report

Photo: Hiromasa ManoRain at the Osaka Mayor's Cup

The arrival of two typhoons in the region saw the cancellation of all Wednesday's matches at the Osaka Mayor’s Cup - World Super Junior Championship. 

While the actual typhoons were not expected to hit land, it is the associated heavy rainfall that has caused problems for the tournament. Downpours are forecast for four days and arrived on schedule on Wednesday.

With 16 outdoor courts at the Utsubu Tennis Centre in Osaka, tournament organisers have been forced to find indoor facilities elsewhere to continue matches. On Thursday all matches will move to Beans Doom in Miki-City, near Kobe. Beans Doom has previously been used to host Davis Cup and Fed Cup by BNP Paribas ties and has nine indoor Deco-turf courts. 

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