12 Jul 2013

Versailles venue wows Centenary AGM

News Article

Photo: Corinne DubreuilTerrace at Chateau de Versailles

It's safe to say that everyone who attended the ITF's centenary AGM Gala dinner at the Palace of Versailles on Thursday night will remember the occasion for many years to come.

A sumptuous location on a stunning Parisian evening was the perfect backdrop to celebrate 100 years of the ITF and the event, which was staged in partnership with the FFT, was as magestic as it was grand.

Guests were invited to have a private tour of the world-famous palace before taking reception drinks on the terrace overlooking the wonderful gardens.

Dinner followed shortly after in the Galerie des Batailles room of Versailles with around 400 guests enjoying the decadant ambience created by the stunning visuals of the ornate interior.

ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti and FFT President Jean Gachassin welcomed their guests with the latter promising to give a speech in English at the ITF's bi-centenary celebrations much to the amusement of those gathered.

Amid the pomp and ceremony of such a fine occasion, Ricci Bitti asked representatives of the 16 founding nations to pose for a commemorative photo 100 years after the ITF was formed in Paris on 1 March 1913.

To finish the evening in style, guests were treated to a firework display looking over the grounds of Versailles, with the overriding word on everyone's lips being "stunning".

Earlier in the day, the AGM continued with the Key Issues meetings in which delegates thrashed out questions on topics such as finance and administration, Davis Cup and Fed Cup and development.

As has become tradition, the LTA provided lunch with the first such occasion taking place as far back as 1931.