12 Feb 2012

Ireland win their first ever World Team Championship

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Photo: Juan Ocampo2012 Margaret Court Winners Ireland

SAN DIEGO, USA: Ireland celebrated its first ever ITF Seniors World Team Championship title today in San Diego as the team of Lesley O’Halloran, Philippa Palmer, Niamh Kennedy and Grace Reidy won the Margaret Court Cup (women’s 45) over France.   France took the first rubber when Sylvie Mattel beat Palmer, but O’Halloran levelled the tie with a three-set win over Valerie Vernet Le Droff.  O’Halloran and Palmer, unbeaten in doubles during the week, kept their streak going against Mattel and Vernet Le Droff to clinch the title for Ireland.

France did have plenty of other success however, picking up four titles: the Italia Cup (men’s 35), Tony Trabert Cup (men’s 40), Young Cup (women’s 40) and the Fred Perry Cup (men’s 50).  The Tony Trabert Cup team repeated last year’s win over USA in the final, with singles wins for Jacques-Olivier Moers and Benoit Halle over Eoin Collins and Jeff Tarango respectively.  The French ladies in the same age category gained revenge for their defeat in 2011, also to the US, with two emphatic singles wins.  Olivia Cappellitti beat Jennifer Dawson 60 61 before former WTA no.9 Sandrine Testud sealed the win with a straight sets victory over Julie Cass.  The Fred Perry Cup team also had a win over USA in the final, while the Italia Cup team beat top seeds Spain 2-0 to regain the trophy they last won in 2005.

It was not a great tournament for the host nation, with USA picking up just one trophy of the nine played on Friday and Saturday. The Maureen Connolly Cup (women’s 55) went to the Americans for the sixth consecutive year.  The hosts finished runners-up in four cups, including the Austria Cup (men’s 55), where they lost 2-1 to Australia, who have now won the cup for eight years in a row.  USA also has a chance to win the Maria Esther Bueno Cup (women’s 50), which was suspended due to rain with the tie against Australia balanced at 1-1 and will finish tomorrow morning. 

The other winners of the Seniors World Team Championships 2012 were Italy and Great Britain.  The British ladies won the Suzanne Lenglen Cup (women’s 35) yesterday, while Italy gained revenge for their 2010 Dubler Cup (men’s 45) final loss to France.  The same group of players played three consecutive finals of the Tony Trabert Cup between 2007 and 2009, and while France won in 2010, the Italians reasserted their superiority today.

Attention now turns to the Seniors World Individual Championships, which start tomorrow in San Diego.  Approximately 750 players will compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in 10 age categories, fighting for the right to be crowned World Champion. 




Italia Cup (Men’s 35)

France defeated Spain 2-0:

Arnaud Magnin (FRA) d. Roberto Menendez (ESP) 26 64 64

Xavier Audouy (FRA) d. Julian Alonso (ESP) 64 64 

Tony Trabert Cup (Men’s 40)

France defeated USA 2-0:

Jacques-Olivier Moers (FRA) d. Eoin Collins (USA) 36 76(8) 61

Benoit Halle  (FRA) d. Jeff Tarango (USA) 62 61

Dubler Cup (Men’s 45)

Italy defeated France 2-1:

Christophe Delafond (FRA) d. Enrico Casadei (ITA) 61 64

Paolo Pambianco (ITA) d. Franck Hervy (FRA) 61 60

Paolo Pambianco/Giovanni Pacchioni (ITA) d. Franck Fevrier/Nicolas Fourcade (FRA) 63 62

Fred Perry Cup (Men’s 50)

France defeated USA 2-1:

Philippe Kahlouche (FRA) d. Val Wilder (USA) 63 36 62

Arnaud Deleval (FRA) d. Mike Fedderly (USA) 26 75 61

Mike Tammen/Peter Markes (USA) d. Jacques Hervet/Alain Dalmasso  (FRA) 76(3) 63

Austria Cup (Men’s 55)

Australia defeated USA 2-1:

Wayne Pascoe (AUS) d. Sal Castillo (USA) 26 63 60

Dan Waldman (USA) d. Glenn Busby (AUS) 64 76(5)

Glenn Busby/Gary Thoroughgood (AUS) d. Ross Persons/Dan Waldman (USA) 76(4) 64


Suzanne Lenglen Cup (Women’s 35)

Great Britain defeated France 2-1:

Alexia Ferrand (FRA) d. Karen Cross (GBR) 63 63

Lucie Ahl (GBR) d. Berangere Karpenschif (FRA) 60 26 63

Lucie Ahl/Karen Cross (GBR) d. Alexia Ferrand/Berangere Karpenschif (FRA) 26 63 62

Young Cup (Women’s 40)

France defeated USA 2-0:

Olivia Cappelletti (FRA) d. Jennifer Dawson (USA) 60 01

Sandrine Testud (FRA) d. Julie Cass (USA) 63 62

Margaret Court Cup (Women’ 45)

Ireland defeated France 2-1:

Sylvie Mattel (FRA) d. Philippa Palmer (IRL) 61 60

Lesley O’Halloran (IRL) d. Valerie Vernet Le Droff (FRA) 46 62 62

Lesley O’Halloran/Philippa Palmer (IRL) d. Valerie Vernet Le Droff/Sylvie Mattel (FRA) 63 62

Maria Esther Bueno Cup (Women’s 50)

USA vs Australia 1-1: (to be completed on Monday 13th February 2012)

Tracy Houk (USA) d. Brenda Foster (AUS) 46 64 64

Roslyn Balodis (AUS) d. Fran Chandler (USA) 46 75 62

Tina Karwasky/Mary Dailey vs Roslyn Balodis/Brenda Foster – (to be completed)

Maureen Connolly Cup (Women’s 55)

USA defeated Great Britain 2-1:

Susan Wright (USA) d. Sally Freeman (GBR) 61 61

Diane Barker (USA) d. Frances Candy (GBR) 61 60

Anne Clark/Pat Wire (GBR) d. Carolyn Nichols/Leslie Airola Murveit (USA) 60 36 62