26 Jan 2012

Cruyff Foundation Junior Masters camp finishes and tournament gets underway

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Photo: ITFThe players for the 2012 Cruyff Foundation Junior Masters

The Cruyff Foundation Junior Masters Training Camp at Ossun came to an end on Wednesday, with 12 Junior players from eight different nations all taking part in the three day camp.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Great Britain, Holland, Turkey, USA and Zimbabwe were all represented. This was the final chance for the coaches and players to work on their game prior to starting the tournament on Thursday. A number of technical and tactical drills were undertaken, with coaches and players coming together from all the different nations, even coming up with some newly invented practises.

It was a great success for all players and coaches with everyone enjoying learning from each other and benefiting greatly from the camp.  For many this was their first experience of participating at the Cruyff Foundation Junior Masters. 

In addition to the training camp the players were also invited to meet the Tarbes Deputy Mayor in charge of Sports, Francis Touya, along with a few key people in wheelchair sports in Tarbes.

They included the world wheelchair badminton champion, David Toupé and Jean-Paul Cournet, who was director of the wheelchair tennis tournament at ‘Les Petits As’, where the Cruyff Foundation Junior Masters is currently hosted, for 28 years up until the end of last year’s tournament. Jean-Paul was the winner of the Brad Parks Award for 2011 in recognition of his contribution to wheelchair tennis.

The opening ceremony was held on Tuesday evening, with the players all welcomed in front of 3,000 spectators, along with Jean-Paul Cournet and all the participants in the ‘Les Petits As’ competitions. 


Boys' Singles Group 1:

Augustin Ledesma (ARG) d, Marco Sousa (BRA) 60 60
Carlos Anker (NED) d. Shepherd Banda (ZIM) 61 60

Augustin Ledesma (ARG) d. Shepherd Banda (ZIM) 60 61
Carlos Anker (NED) d. beat Marco Sousa (BRA) 60 63

Boys' Singles Group 2:

Alfie Hewett (GBR) d. Jeroen Staman (NED) 64 26 75
Rody de Bie (NED) d. Ryan Nelson (USA) 60 60

Alfie Hewett (GBR) d. Ryan Nelson (USA) 62 63
Rody de Bie (NED) d. Jeroen Staman (NED) 75 76(3)

Girls' Singles

Busra Un (TUR) d. Lauren Jones (GBR) 26 61 64
Angelica Bernal (COL) d. Shelby Baron (USA) 46 60 62

Order of Play - Friday, 27 January

Boys' Singles

Alfie Hewett (GBR) v Rody de Bie (NED) 
Jeroen Staman (NED) v Ryan Nelson (USA)
Augustin Ledesma (ARG) v Carlos Anker (NED)
Marco Sousa (BRA) v Shepherd Banda (ZIM)

Girls' Singles

Busra Un (TUR) v Shelby  Baron (USA)
Angelica Bernal (COL) v Lauren Jones (GBR)

Boys' Doubles Semifinals

Carlos Anker (NED)/Ryan Nelson (USA) v Rody de Bie (NED)//Jeroen Staman (NED)
Alfie Hewett (GBR)/Augustin Ledesma (ARG) v Shepherd Banda (ZIM)/Marco Sousa (BRA)