27 Dec 2011

Success for seeds in boys draw on day 2 at Abierto Juvenil Mexicano

Match Report

Photo: Susan MullaneZarah Razafimahatratra (MAD)

Day 2 at the Abierto Juvenil Mexicano proved successful for the seeded players in the boys draw. All seeds in action, with the exception of one progressed through to round two. The successful group included top seed Nikola Milojevic from Serbia who overcame local boy Patricio Betancourt Gonzalez in straight sets 62 64.

Joining Milojevic in round two were tenth seed Stefano Napolitano from Italy, eleventh seed Mikael Torpegaard from Denmark and the thirteenth seed Thien Nguyen Hoang from Vietnam. Of the seeded group only Napolitano needed three sets to seal progression. The one seed to suffer defeat was fourteenth seed Sam Hutt from Great Britain who lost to Japan's Naoki Nakagawa 61 64.

There were mixed fortunes for the numerous American boys in action in the boys draw today with three making their way through but four falling at the first hurdle. Martin Redlicki, Luca Corinteli and Thai-Son Kwiatkowski saw off their opponents but Julian Zlobinsky, Nikko Madregallejo Daniel Kerznerman and Farzin Danny Amiri will be packing their bags.

In the girls draw second seed Zarah Razafimahatratra from Madagascar showed she is in top form seeing off Mexican Branda Sarahi Baez for the loss of just one game 60 61. Following the match she had time to talk about her impressions of Mexico and the tournament:

"It's the second time that I have been to Mexico, I was here last year, but it's my first time in Mexico City and from what I've seed so far it looks great, I like it a lot. It's a great tournament, I know I have some pressure because I'm one of the top seeds but I really just want to play well, enjoy my matches and above all have fun."

Zarah now lives and trains in South Africa and has travelled to Mexico as part of the ITF Grand Slam Development Fund Touring Team:

"I'm training with the ITF GSDF Touring team. They only take the best players from Africa and I was chosen to be part of the team. I started playing tournaments Madagascar and won them, then started travelling to some other countries in Africa to play and won again and someone noticed and suggested I go to South Africa to train so that's why I live in South Africa now. Luckily I was chosen for the ITF GSDF Touring team and now they help me to travel to tournaments in other coutries, like here. They pay for our travel, rackets, balls etc. Not just for me, but for many other players. At first my dad wasn't too happy about me travelling so much, but when he saw how happy it makes me there was nothing he could do!"

He would certainly be happy with Zarah's result today. She was joined in round two by fifth seeded Russian Varvara Flink and twelth seed Ipek Soylu from Turkey.