28 Oct 2011

Beach Tennis in Great Britain

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Beach tennis in Brighton

When you think of Great Britain, you could be forgiven for not immediately picturing golden sands and glorious blue skies. The positive beach tennis spirit, however, is not to be dampened by an occasional rainy day.

The constantly upbeat spirit of beach tennis players and the enthusiasm of many organisers and coaches have inspired the impressive growth of the sport over the past 12 months. Not to mention the guaranteed fun the moment your foot hits the sand!

Men, women and children across Great Britain have been picking up their paddle rackets and dashing to the sand, all eager not to be left behind as beach tennis sweeps the nation.

Beach Tennis UK (BTUK) has been holding weekly coaching sessions in Brighton and Worthing giving players of all ages the opportunity to hone their skills. April also saw Brighton host Great Britain’s first national beach tennis tournament. With temperatures soaring, cheers and laughter filled the air as Men’s, Women’s, Mixed and Junior teams all battled it out to be crowned champion.

Help was at hand too in the form of professional beach tennis players Paolo Tronci and Andrea Penza from Italy, who showed how it should be done and offered coaching tips to all.

Beach tennis has also been taking off in Devon with the help of the British Beach Tennis Association (BBTA) working in conjunction with the Academy of Beach Sports. While up in Scotland the sport has been welcomed by the Edinburgh community courtesy of Rolling Ball Tennis.

In October the LTA teamed up with Beach Tennis UK putting on a beach tennis demonstration as part of Generation Expo 2011 at the Brighton Centre. As always, the fun and excitement of the game drew men and women of all ages onto the court.

Although beach tennis is still relatively new in Great Britain, the LTA is working alongside various beach tennis organisations across the nation to bring the game to a beach near you. Please visit the
LTA Beach Tennis website to find out how to get involved.