Porto Alegre Junior Championships

Porto Alegre Junior ChampsDates
26 February - 04 March 2018

Associação Leopoldina Juvenil and Sogipa
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Outdoor Red Clay

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The South American Grade A event began back in 1978 when the tournament was held at the International Championships of Venezuela where the tournament was held on the clay courts of the Centro Nacional de Tenis in Caracas.

Grade A in Brazil

Brazil have been hosts to a Grade A event since 1998 when the Banana Bowl in Sao Paulo was awarded this status. The tournament remained the host of a Grade A event until 2006 before in 2007 it was shifted to the Copa Gerdau.

Copa Gerdau

The Copa Gerdau entered into its 31th edition for 2013 to form the climax to a South American series of tournaments. The tournament has been running since 1984 when entry was resticted to only local players but has grown in size to offer tournaments in a number of different age groups alongside the main draw and has been open to international players since 1987. The event was first a part of the Junior Circuit in 1993 and reached Grade A status in 2007.

Past Champions

A number of notable players have won the South American Grade A title including Grand Slam champion Andy Roddick back in 2000. Other players to have won the title include Marcos Baghdatis, Fernando Gonzalez and Thomas Muster. Svetlana Kuznetsova showed her prowess on clay winning the title at the Banana Bowl in 2001, a hint of the potential that would allow her to win the women's draw at Roland Garros in 2009.

Past singles champions (boys/girls)

2018       S. Baez (ARG)                                             L. Fernandez (CAN)
2017       T. Bryde (USA)                                            A. Anisimova (USA)
2016       Y. Watanuki (JPN)                                        U Arconada (USA)
2015       O. Luz (BRA)                                               U. Arconada (USA)
2014       O. Luz (BRA)                                               J. Teichmann (SUI)
2013       G. Quinzi (ITA)                                             V. Flink (RUS)
2012       M. Bourgue (FRA)                                         A. Danilina (KAZ)
2011       T-M Monteiro (BRA)                                      E. Bouchard (CAN)
2010       M. Bourgue (FRA)                                         M. Puig (PUR)
2009       J. Pereira (BRA)                                            S. Njiric (CRO)
2008       J. Pereira (BRA)                                            E. Bogdan (ROM)
2007       V. Ignatic (BLR)                                             C. Chala (FRA)
2006       A. Ramos (ESP)                                            A. Cornet (FRA)
2005       L. Mayer (ARG)                                              S. Fichman (CAN)
2004       E. Schwank (ARG)                                        A. Kleybanova (RUS)
2003       D. Brewer (GBR)                                            A. Kleybanova (RUS)
2002       M. Baghdatis (CYP)                                       M. Casanova (SUI)
2001       G. Muller (LUX)                                               S. Kuznetsova (RUS)
2000       A. Roddick (USA)                                           M-E. Salerni (ARG)
1999       P-H. Mathieu (FRA)                                       A. Kapros (HUN)
1998       F. Gonzalez (CHI)                                          E. Krauth (ARG)
1997       J. Jeanpierre (FRA)                                       M. Middleton (USA)
1996       R. Rake (USA)                                               J. Lehnhoff (USA)
1995       T. Catar (SVK)                                                A. Olsza (POL)
1994       G. Kuerten (BRA)                                           H. Nagyova (SVK)
1993       R. Sabau (ROM)                                            N. Louarsabishvili (GEO)
1992       G. Silberstein (CHI)                                      C. Cristea (ROM)
1991       J-I. Garat (ARG)                                             E. Maia (BRA)
1990       P. Gazda (TCH)                                             R. Bobkova (TCH)
1989       A. Rahunen (FIN)                                          F. Labat (ARG)
1988       N. Pereira (VEN)                                           P. Miller (URU)
1987       A. Aramburu (PER)                                       T. Weigl (FRG)
1986       G. Schaller (AUT)                                          G. Miro (BRA)
1985       F. David (ARG)                                               P. Tarabini (ARG)
1984       T. Muster (AUT)                                             S. Campos (BRA)
1983       B. Stanley (USA)                                            S. Campos (BRA)
1982       M. Jaite (ESP)                                                H. Holsson (SWE)
1981       E. Oncins (BRA)                                            H. Sukova (CZE)
1980       R. Arguello (ARG)                                         G. Perez (ARG)
1979       R. Viver (ECU)                                               C. Monteiro (BRA)
1978       A. Casabianca (ARG)                                   C. Ganzabal (ARG)