25 Sep 2013

Teen Talk - Oliver Anderson


Oliver Anderson is the type of 15-year-old who excels at what he pursues. Tennis is one of the major interests in this Brisbane native’s life, and it just so happens his Junior Davis Cup captain Mark Draper here is his coach at home. Anderson, however, does not eat, drink and breathe tennis to the point that he doesn’t train every day. Anderson has other sporting activities of interest and unlike many of his fellow juniors he chooses to attend school rather than furthering his education via online classes, saying he couldn’t do as well as he does if he didn’t physically go to classes. He must be doing well as he’s in his 11th form and will graduate high school early - meaning next year - when only 16.

The No. 3 player on the sixth-seeded Australian squad here at the Junior Davis Cup Finals, Anderson has won both matches he’s played. On Tuesday, he teamed with Marc Polman to defeat Bolivia’s Daniel Arrien and Stephan Koenigsfest 61 76(2). On Wednesday, Anderson won the first match of the day over Dutch boy Joris Bodin 63 64 to give Australia an early 1-0 lead in the tie against the Netherlands.

Junior Davis Cup - Oliver Anderson (AUS)