26 Sep 2012

Wednesday’s work day is over

Match Report

Photo: Srdjan StevanovicSara Sorribes (ESP)

BARCELONA, SPAIN: When the second day of play was over on Wednesday at the Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup Finals by BNP Paribas at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona the most drama occurred in the girls’ competition.

Four seeded nations fell to unseeded countries in the Junior Fed Cup ties played.

Third seeds Brazil was edged 2-1 by Belarus in Group B. The only Brazilian to win a match was Carolina Meligeni Alves, who scored a 63 64 win over Palina Dubavets in the opening match of the day.

Fourth seeds Latvia fell to Paraguay 2-1 with their top player Jelena Ostapenko winning the only point with a tough 26 76 (4) 63 win over Camila Giangreco.

Sixth seeds Australia went down 2-1 to Mexico after Zoe Hives was the only Australian to earn a point against Antonella Bramato 62 76 (7).

Seventh seeds Egypt lost to the host nation Spain 2-1 with only Sandra Samir winning a match against Maria Jose Luque 62 63. Perhaps having Spanish greats Albert Costa and Alex Corretja watching provided the Spanish girls with extra confidence to get the job done.

Team USA, the top seeds, pulled off a 3-0 win over Korea, marking the second day in a row that they’ve won all their matches. It doesn’t hurt that world No. 1 junior girl Taylor Townsend takes on singles and doubles duty every day.

In boys action, all eight seeded nations kept to form and pulled off wins: No. 1 USA beat Japan 3-0, No. 2 Italy beat China 3-0, No. 3 Australia beat Spain 2-1, No. 4 France beat Peru 3-0, No. 5 Korea beat Mexico 3-0, No. 6 Argentina beat Morocco 3-0, No. 7 Russia beat Brazil 3-0, and No. 8 Sweden beat Egypt 3-0.

France and Italy are quickly looking like the teams to beat in the Junior Davis Cup competition having yet to drop a match in the round-robin. The USA were 2-1 on the opening day against Brazil having lost the doubles. The Americans scored all three points today, but Noah Rubin had to stare down two match points in the second set against Ken Onishi before winning in three, and Jared Donaldson and Stefan Kozlov needed three sets to put the doubles away.

Thursday will be the final day of round-robin competition with the nations in each group that haven’t played each other yet having the opportunity to do so.

Fed Cup lineup for Thursday: USA v Egypt and Spain v Korea in Group A, Brazil v Italy and Japan v Belarus in Group B, Latvia v Australia and Paraguay v Mexico in Group C, and Russia v South Africa and China v Germany in Group D.

Davis Cup lineup for Thursday: USA v Russia and Brazil v Japan in Group A, Australia v Argentina and Morocco v Spain in Group B, France v Korea and Peru v Mexico in Group C, and Italy v Sweden and China v Egypt in Group D.

Here are today's full results:


USA [1] defeated JAPAN 3-0:

Stefan Kozlov (USA) d. Naoki Nakagawa (JPN) 76(4) 63

Noah Rubin (USA) d. Ken Onishi (JPN) 46 76(6) 62

Stefan Kozlov/Jared Donaldson (USA) d. Naoki Nakagawa/Jumpei Yamasaki (JPN) 36 61 62

RUSSIA [7] defeated BRAZIL 3-0:

Daniil Medvedev (RUS) d. Marcelo Tebet Filho 46 76(5) 52 ret.

Karen Khachanov (RUS) d. Marcelo Zormann da Silva 76(5) 63

Karen Khachanov/Andrey Rublev (RUS) d. Rafael Fabris de Matos/Marcelo Zormann da Silva (BRA) 60 76(5)



AUSTRALIA [3] defeated SPAIN 2-1:

Jaume Antoni Munar (ESP) d. Harry Bourchier (AUS) 64 64

Thanasi Kokkinakis (AUS) d. Alberto Barroso (ESP) 61 61

Thanasi Kokkinakis/Harry Bourchier (AUS) d. Alberto Barroso/Ferran Calvo (ESP) 61 64


ARGENTINA [6] defeated MOROCCO 3-0 :

Lautaro Pane (ARG) d. Mehdi Laalej (MAR) 60 62

Francisco Bahamonde (ARG) d. Amine Zahoud (MAR) 61 63

Francisco Bahamonde/Franco Egea (ARG) d. Mehdi Laalej/Thami Benboubker (MAR) 64 63


FRANCE [4] defeated PERU 3-0:

Quentin Halys (FRA) d. Wilder Pimentel (PER) 75 63

Johan Sebastien Tatlot (FRA) d. Nicolas Alvarez (PER) 63 62

Benjamin Bonzi/Quentin Halys (FRA) d. Nicolas Alvarez/Petr Iamachkine (PER) 61 62

KOREA [5] defeated MEXICO 3-0:

Ku Keon Kang (KOR) d. Nigel Jimenez (MEX) 64 63

Hyeon Chung (KOR) d. Kevin Jack Carpenter (MEX) 60 62

Hyeon Chung/Seongchan Hong (KOR) d. Kevin Jack Carpenter/Nigel Jimenez (MEX) 60 62


ITALY [2] defeated CHINA 3-0:

Filippo Baldi (ITA) d. Su-Hao Zhong (CHN) 61 64

Gianluigi Quinzi (ITA) d. Zhe Zhou (CHN) 62 62

Gianluigi Quinzi/Domenico Mirko Cutuli (ITA) d. Zhe Zhou/Su-Hao Zhong (CHN) 61 62

SWEDEN [8] defeated EGYPT 3-0:

Daniel Windahl (SWE) d. Omar Argoun (EGY) 60 64

Elias Ymer (SWE) d. Youssef Sherif (EGY) 61 62

Elias Ymer/Daniel Windahl (SWE) d. Youssef Sherif/Omar Argoun (EGY) 61 75



USA [1] defeated KOREA 3-0:

Louisa Chirico (USA) d. Yeongwon Jeong (KOR) 64 64

Taylor Townsend (USA) d. Dahye Kim (KOR) 64 76(4)

Taylor Townsend/Gabrielle Andrews (USA) d. Dahye Kim/Yeongwon Jeong (KOR) 63 61


SPAIN defeated EGYPT [7] 2-1:

Sandra Samir (EGY) d. Maria Jose Luque (ESP) 62 63

Sara Sorribes (ESP) d. Mayar Sherif (EGY) 76(5) 62

Sara Sorribes/Maria Jose Luque (ESP) d. Mayar Sherif/Sandra Samir (EGY) 75 63


BELARUS defeated BRAZIL [3] 2-1:

Carolina Meligeni Alves (BRA) d. Palina Dubavets (BLR) 63 64

Iryna Shymenovich (BLR) d. Beatriz Haddad Maia (BRA) 61 64

Iryna Shymenovich/Palina Dubavets (BLR) d. Beatriz Haddad Maia/Ingrid Gamarra Martins (BRA) d. 62 36 62

ITALY [5] defeated JAPAN 2-1:

Georgia Brescia  (ITA) d. Natsuho Arakawa (JPN) 63 67(3) 63

Mami Adachi (JPN) d. Giulia Pairone (ITA) 62 63

Deborah Chiesa/Georgia Brescia (ITA) d. Mami Adachi/Nozomi Ohya (JPN) 76(1) 75


MEXICO defeated AUSTRALIA [6] 2-1:

Zoe Hives (AUS) d. Antonella Bramato (MEX) 62 76(7)

Renata Zarazua (MEX) d. Naiktha Bains (AUS) 63 75

Constanza Gorches/Renata Zarazua (MEX) d. Naiktha Bains/Isabelle Wallace (AUS) 67(2) 63 64


PARAGUAY defeated LATVIA [4] 2-1:

Sara Gimenez (PAR) d. Darte Elizabete Emulina (LAT) 62 62

Jelena Ostapenko (LAT) d. Camila Giangreco (PAR) 26 76(4) 63

Camila Giangreco/Sara Gimenez (PAR) d. Jelena Ostapenko/Darte Elizabete Emulina (LAT) 63 61


RUSSIA [2] defeated CHINA [8] 3-0:

Daria Kasatkina (RUS) d. Chan Zhang (CHN) 60 60

Elizaveta Kulichkova (RUS) d. Jia-Qi Kang (CHN) 60 63

Daria Kasatkina/Alina Silich (RUS) d. Ying Zhang/Chan Zhang (CHN) 62 61



Theresa Van Zyl (RSA) d. Lea Gasparovic (RUS) 76(1) 26 63

Antonia Lottner (GER) d. Ilze Hattingh (RSA) 62 36 64

Antonia Lottner/Katharina Gerlach (GER) d. Ilze Hattingh/Janet Koch (RSA) 61 63



Round Robin Groups

(click on the group for standings and results)

Junior Fed Cup

GROUP A: (1) USA, Spain, Korea and (7) Egypt

GROUP B: (3) Brazil, Japan, Belarus and (5) Italy

GROUP C: (4) Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay and (6) Australia

GROUP D: (2) Russia, Germany, South Africa and (8) China

Junior Davis Cup

GROUP A: (1) USA, Brazil, Japan and (7) Russia

GROUP B: (3) Australia, Morocco, Spain and (6) Argentina

GROUP C: (4) France, Mexico, Peru and (5) Korea

GROUP D: (2) Italy, Egypt, China and (8) Sweden