29 Sep 2012

BLOG: Junior Davis Cup & Fed Cup Day 5

Match Report

Photo: Srdjan Stevanovictennis balls in the rain



12:05 The rain is unrelenting and the Referee has cancelled all play for the day. All teams will return tomorrow to contest the final standings.

11:19 The Junior Davis Cup and Fed Cup photo gallery has been updated with photos from yesterday's ties, the player party and a very wet Real Club de Polo Barcelona. Check it out here!

10:41 Check out this cool video of yesterday's play at the Junior Davis Cup & Fed Cup Finals!

10:15 It looks like the decision to play a full day yesterday was correct as the rain continues to fall in Barcelona. With play suspended, the teams are dodging downpours as they head to the player lounge or the gym for a light workout to pass the time.

10:00 Today's official start time has passed and the Referee has confirmed there will be no play before 12 midday due to rain.

9:00 Here is a preview of the fifth day of Junior Davis Cup and Fed Cup action at the Real Club de Polo in Barcelona.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression it’s raining cats and dogs. Well, I must admit I’ve never seen any cats or dogs falling from the sky. That said, I can tell you that I’m seeing plenty of raindrops today in Barcelona.

It’s pouring, which isn’t quite nice of the weather Gods as here at the Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Finals we have tennis to play. But at least for now, if this morning is an indication of the whole day, the courts are drenched and the kids are all indoors.

Those teams that were scheduled to play headed to the courts at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona as usual today but are hanging out indoors. They are the teams to decide the finishing spots for positions 5-8 and 9 through 12.

Those teams not on the schedule today -- playing for positions 1-4 and 13-16 -- hung back at the hotel and were doing what kids always love to do: sleeping in.

The breakfast room is usually pretty much a ghost town by 8:30, but today their were kids hanging out at 9:30 and some still dragging themselves in for a late breakfast. I ran into Mark Woodforde, the captain of the Australian boys' team, and we chatted. When I mentioned that I thought that Thanasi Kokkanakis played a good two-set match to defeat Noah Rubin of the USA in the semifinals, Woodforde told me that Kokkanakis can even play better so he's a junior to keep a watchful eye out on.

Many of the teams were in their rooms and some were hanging out in the hotel reception such as the Egyptian boys and Australian girls (check out audio from the Australian girls).

Australian girls captain Nicole Pratt, a former player wandered down into the lobby and one of her team -- Isabelle Wallace -- was still around. Pratt plopped herself down into a chair in the lobby, one leg hanging over the arm of the chair and started to scroll on her iPhone. In about a minute we knew what she was searching for: the weather report. “Barcelona Saturday,” she said. “Rain, Rain, Rain.” Thanks for that Nicole, I said, as I told her, “All I needed to do was turn around and look outside  the reception window for that information.” She did laugh.

Gianluigi Quinzi came down and stopped by to ask, "Do they play today?" laughing as he looked at the window. "Oh yes, they asked everyone to come and wear their rain boots," I told him, which had him laughing again. He was planning on taking the 11:15 bus to the courts as lunch was being served at the club for all the players.

Round Robin Groups

(click on the group for standings and results)

Junior Fed Cup

GROUP A: (1) USA, Spain, Korea and (7) Egypt

GROUP B: (3) Brazil, Japan, Belarus and (5) Italy

GROUP C: (4) Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay and (6) Australia

GROUP D: (2) Russia, Germany, South Africa and (8) China

Junior Davis Cup

GROUP A: (1) USA, Brazil, Japan and (7) Russia

GROUP B: (3) Australia, Morocco, Spain and (6) Argentina

GROUP C: (4) France, Mexico, Peru and (5) Korea

GROUP D: (2) Italy, Egypt, China and (8) Sweden