Online Service

The IPIN Online Service has been designed to make it easier for you, the players, to have instant access to Junior Circuit and player information and allows Junior Circuit players who have registered/renewed their membership of the Online Service for the current year to enter and withdraw from ITF Junior Circuit tournaments online.

Please note that currently the Online Service is not fully compatible with devices such as iPhones and iPads. For best results always use a PC.

The Online Service is found via the IPIN website

Players are able to use their IPIN to log on to the Online Service where they can manage their tournament entries online, as well as have access to important updates and a range of other information relating to the ITF Circuits they have membership of.

When using the Online Service for entries and withdrawals it is important to refer to the appropriate pages of the Junior Circuit Rulebook and to be aware of entry, freeze and withdrawal deadlines.

Players are advised that they should submit any online entries/withdrawals well in advance of any deadlines to avoid the possibility of the entry/withdrawal not being processed in time due to the amount of online user activity. Once a deadline has passed no further entries/withdrawals can be made.

Personal details can also be updated via the Online Service to reflect changes to player contact details. It is very important that all players ensure their email address registered to their IPIN account is regularly checked for communications from the ITF and that if you change your email address that it is updated within your IPIN Online Service account at the earliest opportunity.

A full list of benefits can be found below:

-       Instant tournament entry and withdrawal via the web

-       Check your current entry status and tournament schedule at any time

-       Full, up-to-date calendar information

-       Online payment of fines

-       Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The service is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Please note that many emails you will receive from the Online Service will be sent to your registered IPIN email address only and will be sent by automated email. As a result your personal security settings may block these automated emails so also regularly check your junk/spam/deleted emails folders in addition to your regular email inbox.

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In addition to weekends, the ITF office in London, England will be closed on the following date(s):

Friday 30 March 2018
Monday 02 April 2018

Please note that during these periods when the ITF office is closed, any emails or IPIN requests submitted will not be dealt with until the office reopens.