African Training Centre: Pretoria, South Africa

African Training Centre Players and Coaches, South Africa
The ITF African Training Centre is found in Hatfield, around a two minute walk from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and makes use of the facilities that the University has to offer. The centre opened in 1993 and is coordinated in conjunction with the South African Tennis Association.

At the centre there is accommodation for up to 24 players alongside a number of sporting facilities which includes eight hard courts out of a total of 22 tennis courts, rugby and soccer fields, swimming pools, and a gymnasium. There is also a state of the art rehabilitation centre with biokinetic services and testing

There are a number of permanent staff at the training centre with Mr Dermot Sweeney acting as centre director with assistance from coaches, Gwinyai Tongoona and Rosemary Owino, as well as a housemistress, Margaret Owen, who is responsible for the players' academic studies and overall well-being.

Over 1600 players and coaches have benefited from the centre over the years and players conduct a mixture of correspondence schooling, lessons with an on-site teacher and local schooling.

Any ITF member nation in Africa can nominate a junior player, aged 13-18, to attend the training centre with decisions based on the space available. Players can stay at the centre for a month or remain on an extended stay for up to 11 months upon invitation if they show excellent potential and demonstrate the correct attitude.

Former players who have stayed at the centre and gone on to be full-time professionals include:

- Claude N’Goran (career high world No.200)
- Raven Klaasen (No.208)
- Henry Adjei-Darko – (No.278)
- Komlavi Loglo – (No.316)
- Arnaud Segodo – (No.354)
- Duncan Mugabe – (No.669)

For more information on the running of the centre and the process for applications to stay in Pretoria please follow the link to the information sheet on the right side of this page.


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The following players are currently residing at the Training Centre full time:

- Chisomo Lumeta, Malawi
- Innocent Tidimane, Botswana
- Courtney Lock, Zimbabwe
- Joseph Ubon, Nigeria
- Guy Orly Iradukunda, Burundi
- Ismael Changawa Mzai, Kenya
- Lynn Kiro, South Africa
- Lesedi Jacobs, Namibia
- Elizabeth Kapari, Ghana
- Theresa van Zyl, South Africa