East African Centre: Bujumbura, Burundi

Players at the East Africa Training Centre, Burundi
The ITF East Africa Training Centre is located in Bujumbura, Burundi and is run in conjunction with the Confédération Africaine de Tennis (CAT) and Tennis Burundi. The centre was officially opened in 2011.

The Entente Sportive de Bujumbura has a total of eight tennis courts as well as a fitness area, swimming pool, running facilities and a football pitch. There are two houses on-site that can accommodate players staying at the centre.

Thierry Ntwali is the manager of the centre and is assisted by coaches, Francis Rogoi Nthuku and Hassan Murisho, as well as a team consisting of housekeeping, kitchen staff and security. The centre also owns a minibus that can seat up to 10 players and staff at once.

Schooling at the centre is currently split between the English-language King School where the majority of players attend and the Ecole International. Academic work is conducted in the mornings prior to afternoon practice sessions before further study in the evening.

The centre was visited in September 2011 by the IOC President Jacques Rogge and Olympic Solidarity General Manager, Pere Miro, as part of wider visit to Africa which took in both the Entente Sportive and the ITF OS National Structure project.

The centre is further supported by funding from Olympic Solidarity grants which is given to a number of full-time players staying at the centre.


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The following players are currently residing at the Training Centre full time:

- Radjabu Ntamba, Burundi
- Kasalo Omari, Burundi
- Ernest Habiyambere, Rwanda
- Fabrice Tuyishime, Rwanda
- Omary Hamisi Sulle, Tanzania
- Emanuel Mallya Nicodemo, Tanzania
- Abigail Tate-Harte, Kenya
- Mariam Mujawimana, Burundi
- Aisha Niyonkuru, Burundi