ITF/GSDF Touring Teams

Grand Slam Development Fund European Touring Team
Each year, talented players from developing tennis nations are selected to join ITF/GSDF teams to play higher-level events outside their region, under the guidance of an experienced ITF/GSDF coach. The expenses for the tour are financed by the ITF/GSDF programme.
The touring team is an integral part of the development programme and aims to facilitate the transition of talented players through regional and international junior competitions and where possible on to the professional ranks.

The ITF organises international teams as well as regional teams from Africa, Asia, Caribbean/Central America, Pacific Oceania, Eastern Europe, and South America. Criteria for the selection of players to teams are based on competitive results in international events.

The touring team programme is probably the ITF’s most well-known development initiative and is an effective one, with at least one junior Grand Slam title being won every year by a member of an ITF/GSDF touring team during the period 1999-2005. Former Junior Grand Slam champions include Finland’s Jarkko Nieminen (US Open 1999), Indonesia’s Angelique Widjaja (Wimbledon 2001 and Roland Garros 2002), Romanian Florin Mergea (Wimbledon 2003), Ukraine’s Kateryna Bondarenko (Wimbledon 2004), and Bahamian Ryan Sweeting (US Open 2005).

A full list of touring team members from past years can also be found below.