06 Sep 2013

North African teams take home trophies

News Article


CASABLANCA, MOROCCO: Between 31 August and 5 September 2013, twenty four players selected by the ITF took part in the 12&U Talent Identification Project at the Moundir Tennis Academy in Casablanca, Morocco.

This was the first year the project, which identifies the most talented 12&U players in Africa, took place. The first day saw the organisation of physiological and physical tests, while the players also trained and prepared themselves for the events leading up in the week.

The players took part in excellent matches at the ITF 12&U African Interzonal Championships, a round robin team event that took place over three days. The unbeaten Northern African teams took home the team trophies in both the girls and boys categories.

The trophies were awarded to each player from the victorious teams during a Moroccan themed evening organised for the players at the Academy. The East African teams performed very well and their results ensured a second place finish in both the boys and girls categories.

Every evening a brief interactive forum was organised for the players to familiarise themselves with several tennis topics such as nutrition, strategies and tactics, stretching and fitness.

On days four and five, there were more opportunities to assess the level of the players while they played individual matches.

ITF representative Frank Couraud said: "This was a great opportunity to gather the best 12&U players of Africa exposing them to tests and matches where their level was assessed. Following this successful project, we are convinced that this is essential to identify players at a younger age so the ITF can help them in their players' pathway".