17 Jul 2017

ITF/GSDF Teams to Europe enjoy successful tour

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Photo: Dave ShoplandMaria Camila Osorio Serrano (COL)

Fourteen players in total comprised the International 18&U ITF/GSDF Teams this year, ending their tour on Sunday 16 July at the Junior Championships, Wimbledon with very impressive results. 

The team got off to a great start with Latvian Daniela Vismane winning the girls’ singles title at the 34th Torneo Internazionale Under 18 di Salsomaggiore Terme having dropped only one set all week. Naho Sato of Japan also made it through to the semifinals of the girls’ singles category, as did teammate Alan Fernando Rubio Fierros of Mexico in the boys’ singles. 

Next came the 25th Torneo Internazionale Città di Prato where Yu Hsiou Hsu of Chinese Taipei powered his way through to the final of the boys’ singles category, where he faced stiff competition from fellow team member Rubio Fierros.

Vismane and Sato reached the quarterfinals of the girls’ singles event and had more success together in the girls’ doubles where they reached the finals, losing in straight sets to second-seeded non-ITF/GSDF team members Fernanda Labrana and Nathalia Wolf Gasparin Nina Kruijer. 

At the 39th Torneo "Città Di Santa Croce" Mauro Sabatini, team member Sato won the girls’ doubles title together with non-ITF/GSDF team member Peu Hsuan Chen without dropping a set. Hsu made it through to the quarterfinals of the boys’ singles event and both he and teammate Rubio Fierros produced some superb tennis to secure spots in the quarterfinals of the doubles category with non-ITF/GSDF partners. 

Then followed the 58th Trofeo Bonfiglio, where Uisung Park of Korea reached the quarterfinals of the boys’ singles event as well as the semifinals of the doubles event with his non-ITF/GSDF partner.

At the 53rd Astrid Bowl Charleroi, Belgian International Junior Championships, Sato saw off tough competition from teammate Sada Nahimana of Burundi in the quarterfinals of the girls’ singles to secure a place in the semifinals where she lost in straight sets to No. 11 seed Lulu Sun.

Good results also came in the girls’ doubles event where Diae El Jardi of Morocco reached the quarterfinals together with her non-ITF/GSDF partner, without dropping a set, before losing to the No. 7 seeds and eventual champions from Germany and Belgium. 

At Roland Garros, Maria Camila Osorio Serrano of Colombia and Vismane both narrowly missed out on spots in the quarterfinals of the girls’ singles event, losing to seeded players, while Osorio Serrano reached the quarterfinals of the girls’ doubles with her non-ITF/GSDF partner to lose in a tight three-set clash against the No. 1 seeds.

Following a short break for the team after the French Grand Slam, the junior team members produced some more impressive results in the girls’ doubles category at the Nike Junior International Roehampton. Vismane reached the quarterfinals, together with her non-ITF/GSDF team partner, where they were defeated by the No. 2 seeds. 

Next up was the Junior Championships, Wimbledon at the All England Club, which allowed the team to compete on grass, a first for many of the players. The best results for the team at this year’s Junior Wimbledon came in both the doubles categories.

Hsu won the finals of the boys’ event with his non-ITF/GSDF partner and Vismane partnered with non-ITF/GSDF team member Jule Niemeier of Germany, to reach the quarterfinals of the championships in the girls’ category. 

The players included:

A Team:

Boys: Yu Hsiou Hsu (TPE), Alan Fernando Rubio Fierros (MEX)
Girls: Maria Camila Osorio Serrano (COL), Daniela Vismane (LAT)

B Team:

Boys: Uisung Park (KOR), Leonid Sheyngezikht (BUL), Seon Yong Han (KOR), Hazem Naw (SYR)
Girls: Naho Sato (JPN), Anastasia Iamachkine (PER), Thasaporn Naklo (THA), Laura Sofia Rico Garcia (COL), Sada Nahimana (BDI), Diae El Jardi (MAR)

The full schedule:

01-07 May 2017: 34th Torneo Internazionale Under 18 di Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy (G2)
09-14 May 2017: 25th Torneo Internazionale Città di Prato, Prato, Italy (G2)
15-21 May 2017: 39th Torneo Internazionale "Città Di Santa Croce" Mauro Sabatini, Italy (G1)
22-28 May 2017: 58th Trofeo Bonfiglio - Campionati Internazionali d'Italia Juniores, Italy (GA)
29 May - 03 June 2017: Training Camp (A Team) / 53rd Astrid Bowl Charleroi, Belgian International Junior Championships, Belgium (G1) (B Team)
04-10 June 2017: Roland Garros Junior French Championships, France (GA)
26 June -01 July 2017: Training Camp (A Team)
02-07 July 2017: Nike Junior International Roehampton, United Kingdom (G1) (A Team)
08-16 July 2017: The Junior Championships, Wimbledon, United Kingdom (G1) (A Team)