National Association Plan

At the end of 2006, the ITF Development Department wrote to all nations receiving ITF Development assistance to inform them of a template which had been created to assist them in developing a National Association Plan for tennis in their country. In 2008, it became mandatory for each nation to have an approved plan in place in order to receive Development assistance.

The National Association Plan template covers the most important elements related to developing tennis in any country, namely:

1. Constitution / Structure
2. Finance / Administration
3. Staffing
4. Tennis Participation
5. Tennis Performance
6. Competition (National and International)
7. Ranking (International and National)
8. Coaching
9. Officiating
10. Sponsorship / Fundraising
11. Facilities
12. PR / Communication

The 152 countries currently receiving assistance through the ITF Development Programme have utilised the ITF template and now have a comprehensive development plan in place which has helped them to focus on the key areas necessary to further develop tennis.