• Kanapatskaya shines on European U14 ITF/GSDF tour

    Kanapatskaya shines on European U14 ITF/GSDF tourViktoriya Kanapatskaya headlined the European 14 & Under ITF/GSDF team's tour of Germany and Belgium during July and August, winning a singles and three doubles titles

  • National Association Development

    National Association DevelopmentThe National Association Five-Year Development Plan template covers the most important elements related to developing tennis in any country

  • Player Development

    Player DevelopmentThe player development programme includes a number of development initiatives that can help a talented player to break through into the top levels of junior and professional tennis

  • Tennis Development

    Tennis DevelopmentThe International Tennis Federation’s development programme was first conceived in the late 1970s with the aim to help raise the level of tennis worldwide

  • Development Officers

    Development OfficersIn 1990 the first ITF Development Officer was appointed to Africa – now there are ten Development Officers advising and assisting National Associations with their activities

18 May - 19 June:
COTECC Team to COTECC circuit (16&U) - Costa Rica, El Salvador & Guatemala
30 May - 26 June:
COSAT 16 & Under ITF/GSDF Team in Europe - Italy & Tunisia
30 May - 4 June:
JITIC 18 & Under Championships - El Salvador
26 May - 26 June:
European 16 & Under ITF/GSDF Team - Italy and Tunisia
13 - 18 June:
ITF/OTF North Pacific Regional Event (12&U, 14&U, 16&U) - Northern Mariana Islands
1 - 11 July:
Pacific Oceania ITF/GSDF team to Australia
22 - 28 July:
JITIC Championships 16 & Under - El Salvador
30 July - 5 August:
JITIC Championships 14 & Under - El Salvador
8 - 13 August:
ITF/OTF East Pacific Regional Event (12&U, 14&U, 16&U) - Samoa
15 - 24 August:
ITF/GSDF Pacific Oceania Junior Championships (12&U, 14&U, 16&U, 18&U) - Fiji