Development Officers

In 1990 the first ITF Development Officer was appointed to Africa – now there are ten Development Officers ‘out in the field’, advising and assisting National Associations with their activities.

The role of a Development Officer is to:

a) Advise National Associations and assist in the implementation of projects which form part of the ITF Development Programme.

b) Evaluate and monitor the use of the funds and resources allocated to the National Associations for various programmes and the success of these programmes.

c) Liaise with Regional Associations as appropriate.

The ITF Development Officers each spend an average of 30 weeks a year on the road working with National Associations, players and coaches across 152 eligible nations to help develop the game.

ITF Development Officers regularly conduct consultations with National Associations. A consultation would normally involve a complete review of a National Association's activities, an analysis of the tennis situation in the country, observing tennis programmes in action and advice on organisation, planning and programming.

Further to this they conduct coaching courses, implement and monitor junior programmes, acting as a coach to ITF/GSDF Teams and can also act as an ITF representative at regional Davis Cup and Fed Cup events as well as their junior equivalents.