Rankings Explained

Points are available for the final round reached (main draw only) at ITF Beach Tennis Tour tournaments (various scenarios can affect the actual points given - please see relevant sections of ITF Beach Tennis Tour rule book).

To receive ranking points a player must reach a round where points are available.

Tournaments Eligible Towards Ranking

The number of tournaments included in a player's ranking has been increased from six to eight coming into effect from 4th January 2016.

Rankings are made up of a player's 'Best 8' results from the 52-week period leading up to, and including, the last eligible week date except that ranking points earned at the World and Regional Championships will remain active for inclusion until the points from the next respective editions of those events become eligible for consideration.

Points Eligible Towards Ranking

Points earned at a tournament will become eligible for inclusion within a player's 'Best 8' results in the rankings released three weeks AFTER the week commencing date in which the tournament was started.

Example: a tournament that began during the week of 6 May 2013 (week 19) will appear on the rankings released on 27 May 2013 (week 22).

Points earned in 2015 have been amended to reflect the 2016 points structure.

Ranking Release Dates

New rankings will be published each Monday unless otherwise stated.

The 2015 Year-End Rankings were published on Monday 21st December.

Christmas/New Year

Due to the closure of the ITF London office over the period 25 December 2015 - 3 January 2016, there will be no rankings released on Monday 28 December. As a result, points earned by players during the week commencing 7 December were instead included in the rankings release of 21 December.

Rankings Table

Final position
$6,500 $2,500 $0
Winner 275 90 250 125 80 35 27 18
Finalist 170 55 150 75 48 20 15 10
Semis 110 30 90 45 29 10 8 6
Quarters 60 15 45 25 15 5 4 3
Last 16 30 6 20 10 6 3 2 1
Last 32 15 - 10 5 4 - - -


$10,000 = former Grade One tournament
$6,500 = former Grade Two tournament
$2,500 = former Grade Three tournament
$0 = former Grade Four tournament

Advancement through a bye or walkover will not be equivalent to winning a round unless the team has played and won a match in the same Draw.

No points will be awarded to teams who are deemed to be a 'no show' and also to withdrawals made before first match played.

Advancement by virtue of retirement or default following the commencement of a match will be equivalent to winning a round.

If a team receives one (1) or more consecutive Byes and loses their first match played, the team will only receive ranking points from the round preceding their elimination and the team will receive prize money for the round reached.

Ranking points will not be awarded to any player who is not eligible to compete in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.

Distribution of Ranking points in Round Robin events

Ranking points will be awarded to players based on their team’s final position in accordance with the Ranking Points table. For the purposes of this rule: if one (1) round robin group is played, a team’s final standing shall be used; if two (2) round robin groups are played, the second place teams in each group shall be awarded semi-finalist ranking points and the remaining teams shall be awarded quarter-finalist ranking points.

Full points will only be awarded to teams that have won a minimum of two (2) matches. A team that has won fewer than two (2) matches will receive 50% of the available points for the round reached.

Distribution of Ranking points in Qualifying events

No points are awarded in qualifying events.


World Team Championship - ranking points table

The points below have been awarded to competitors of the 2015 World Team Championship following the new ranking points system released on 4th January 2016.

The allocation of points has been made in accordance with the Rules in place at the time of the 2015 event.

Final Team Position  Ranking Points Final Team Position  Ranking Points
1st 105 17th 10
2nd 85 18th 8
3rd 55 19th 8
4th 50 20th 8
5th 30 21st 8
6th 27 22nd 6
7th 24 23rd 6
8th 22 24th 6
9th 20 25th 6
10th 18 26th 5
11th 18 27th 5
12th 15 28th 5
13th 15 29th 5
14th 12 30th 4
15th 12 31st 4
16th 10 32nd 4


Please note the following upcoming ranking release changes due to the ITF office in London, England being closed for public holidays.

Monday 28 March (will now be released Tuesday 29 March)

Monday 02 May (will now be released Tuesday 03 May)

Monday 30 May (will now be released Tuesday 31 May)

Monday 29 August (will now be released Tuesday 30 August)